Mind wave

Isabella May had a normal life until one say when she was ten she found out she had powers. She went to five different schools in England until her parents decided they move to America.they moved to a house on a little street in Forest Hills,New York. She was turning seventeen in the week when she was moving. Her first week of school it didn't go well. She asked people where she needed to go for her lessons but they ignored her so she ended up being late for her classes. And every lunch during that week a group of boys and a few girls came up to her and bullied her because of her smartness. The next week it happened again put she did something that made them worry which lead to spiderman come. That was when she met spiderman.


3. Chpt 3: first week living in America

17 year old Isabella P.O.V

I had been to five different schools as I grew up. I'm now seventeen. After going to my last school at sixteen, everyone there found out about my powers and my mum said that I need to move to another country because people were worrying that I would do something to them, therefore I'm going to live with my aunt and uncle in America, in Forest Hills New York.

I finally arrive at my aunt and uncles house. I'm welcomed by my aunt giving me a warm hug and plates of food laying across the dining table. My uncle helped me bring my bags inside. We put my bags next to my seat and sit down to eat dinner. After dinner I take my bags upstairs to my room, well my aunts and uncles spare room. When I finished putting my clothes away I put my posters up on the walls and put my pictures on the chest of drawers and windowsill. I looked at the digital clock on the chest of drawers next to my bed. It was nearly midnight. I said goodnight to my aunt and uncle, got my pjs on and got into bed.

(Two days later)

I woke to hear my alarm clock go off. I got up and got dressed. I used one of my powers to open my wardrobe since I was too tired. I ran down stairs and jumped over the banister when I got near the bottom of the stairs. When I was downstairs, there was a plate with scrambled eggs and toast on. I sat down and started eating. Today Im going to a school called Midtown high. After breakfast, I grabbed my bag, put my science books in incase I need them, grabbed my phone and purse and ran out the door. I caught the bus to Midtown high. When the bus arrived at the bus stop I walked out and entered the school. It was different to the ones in England, but I didn't care. I walked to the office to find what number my locker and locker combination were. After that, I went to my locker to put my things away and got my things I needed for my first class out. Today was going to be different to the ones back when I was younger.

My first week in America was good, I stayed away from everyone at school and didn't use any of my powers against anything or anyone, only when it was trouble, but when I get to the scene I already find someone there, someone with a red and blue suit on.

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