Mind wave

Isabella May had a normal life until one say when she was ten she found out she had powers. She went to five different schools in England until her parents decided they move to America.they moved to a house on a little street in Forest Hills,New York. She was turning seventeen in the week when she was moving. Her first week of school it didn't go well. She asked people where she needed to go for her lessons but they ignored her so she ended up being late for her classes. And every lunch during that week a group of boys and a few girls came up to her and bullied her because of her smartness. The next week it happened again put she did something that made them worry which lead to spiderman come. That was when she met spiderman.


2. Chpt 2: a new school

Isabella's P.O.V

I was scrolling down the list of schools. My mum said I had to look for one in another city because the schools in the city won't let me go to them because of the 'incident' in my previous school senior school. it's been two days since the last time I went to school therefore I was home schooled by my mum, which makes me lucky because she is good at English and maths. I found one school close by the city I live in now, so I clicked on it to look at the information. it sounded like a good school. I told my mum and she asked " do you want to go to that school?"

"Yes I do."

" I will phone your father and tell him then we will go pack your things. And I will phone my friend to tell he because she lives there and it would be best if you live with her since we don't have a lot of money to move house. is that ok with you."



"Yeah. is it that one who has a daughter  and a son."

" Yeah."

After we had finished packing it was three in the afternoon and because we were leaving today my mum made us some sandwiches. We were setting of when my dad got him which should be any minute now. When he got home he got changed and helped put my things in the car. It once everything was in the car we set off. The journey only takes two hours. We arrived at my mums friends house at ten minutes past five. My mums friend , Angelica, greeted us. She told her daughter , Mckayla , and he son , Leonardo, to help take my things to Mckayla's room where there was a spare bed.

(One hour later)

My parents had gone and it was time for me Mckayla and Leonardo to go to bed. In the morning I would have to go to school, it was a good job Mckayla had a new school uniform, it means I can have her old one. 

It was seven in the morning, I got up and did my usual morning routine. Once I had finished putting my things what I took to my old school back, Mckayla came back downstairs from getting changed. After everyone were dressed we set off for school. It was ok there if Mckayla was there but all the students would call me names like they did in my old senior school. However I was going to try and ignore them because I don't want to show my powers like last time I went angry. 

At the end of the day, I walked home with Mckayla and Leonardo. I told them it was except for when people called me names. When we got back Leonardo switched on the tv. We sat down and relaxed.


The next chapter will be five years later because I can't be bothered to right about the other four schools she went to as she grew up.

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