Mind wave

Isabella May had a normal life until one say when she was ten she found out she had powers. She went to five different schools in England until her parents decided they move to America.they moved to a house on a little street in Forest Hills,New York. She was turning seventeen in the week when she was moving. Her first week of school it didn't go well. She asked people where she needed to go for her lessons but they ignored her so she ended up being late for her classes. And every lunch during that week a group of boys and a few girls came up to her and bullied her because of her smartness. The next week it happened again put she did something that made them worry which lead to spiderman come. That was when she met spiderman.


17. Chat 15: broken hearted

Isabella's P.O.V
I woke up to a blinding light shining in my eyes. I closed them and slowly reopened them adjusting my blurry eyesite. I looked around the room I'm in and straight away I knew where I was. I noticed that Clint and Natasha were talking in a corner and recognised that they were wearing casual clothes. They saw me awake and walked over to me. "How are you feeling." Clint asked.
" Sore but I'll be fine." I replied.
"Here some clothes to change into." Natasha said. She handed me the clothes and I went into the bathroom and got changed. I had now got on some navy skinny jeans, a pink tank top and a pink jacket that had thumb holes in the sleeves. I put my other clothes in the basket in the bathroom and walked over to Clint and Natasha. "where's Loki." I asked. 
"Thor took him to Asgard along with the tesseract this morning." Clint answered. 
"Where are the others?" I asked. 
"Bruce went with Tony to the tower, Steve went to his apartment on the other side of New York and Peters with Scarlett two rooms down." Natasha replied. Why is peter with her? Did he even come to check on me? I decided that these were questions I shouldn't ask Clint and Natasha. I nodded and walked to where Peter and Scarlett are. When I was outside the room I heard them talking about something. I leaned closer to the door, thankful that it was shut properly. "have I told you how beautiful you are." Peter said. I heard Scarlett giggle. Was he really flirting with her? He doesn't even know her. 
"You're not bad yourself." Scarlett said. Well I can't not agree with that. "you know Peter I really like you."
"You do?" Peter asked. Is it me or did Peter sound like he was happy to hear that.
"Yeah what about you? Do you like me back?" She asked.
"Yeah." He replied.
"Don't you like that other girl, Isabella?" She asked.
"No she just a friend, but your different." he said. I felt tears flow down my face. I thought he liked me, I thought that the day I came back from Germany and nearly died, those words he said "I haven't told you how I feel about you." I thought he meant that he liked me, because usually they do but I guess I was wrong, he didn't like me I was just his 'friend', and he said that just to make that-supposed-to-be-last-moment-for-me nice and happy or...you know what I mean. I let out a little sob but quickly held my breath as I heard footsteps coming towards the door. I ran away from the door, going wherever my legs took me. When I was far away from the room I collapsed against a wall. I pulled my knees closer to me and cried. I heard someone walking over to me. I didn't dare look up just in case it was Peter. I didn't want to talk to him anymore. "are you alright miss?" It was a feminine voice, one I didn't know, so I lifted my head to face her. 
"I'm fine. can you do me a favour?" I asked the women.
"Of course." she replied.
"Can you find agents Romanoff and Barton and tell them that I'm going out for a walk in the city." I asked. She nodded and walked away. I got up of the floor and headed to my room. We were on the helicarrier so I knew where to go. Once I got to my room got my JD bag and put in some clothes. I grabbed my phone and purse and walked out my room. I shut my door, making sure it locked before heading to the outside of the helicarrier. When I was outside I jumped off the edge and flew towards the city. I flew towards the part of New York that wasn't nearly all destroyed. I landed in an dark alleyway making sure no one saw. I put my hood up and walked out the alley. Now I needed to find a place to stay.

Hey guys. this is the end of mind wave, but don't worry there will be a sequel to it. it will be called Mind wave and the fantastic four. I know that the fantastic four was before the avengers but I thought it would be better if it was after so then Peter will get jealous of a certain person. Hopefully it will be up this week. Hope you guys loved the first book, but the second should be better. 
Thank you x

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