Is this our Begining or our end

We're here togheter to know what we did that ended our relationship but guess what like you care anymore cause you were the one who cheated on me you left me standing here wait for you to say those three little words but instead you said I'm leaving you three different words why did I believe you why did I trust you all I wanted was a good relationship and a nice friend and all I got was a hand full of lies and drama


1. The day I found you

I was walking him and think why in the world am I walking alone in the dark it's weird but now I know I'm weird I'm crazy I'm different my name is Brittany Hunter I have blonde hair baby blue eyes I'm  five six and eighteen tomorrow as I walked I started to rain but it wasn't the right time like it should usually it starts at two fifty but it's only one fifty-six which is okay I guess as I walked a little more I was staring at the ground and as the rain rushed down the street it was like the waves in the ocean they were fighting for who was going to crash down first it was like I was mesmerized until I hit someone in the chest with my head I fell and who ever they were did to cause I heard the water splash as they fell

"Shit" I heard them mumble under there breath

"I'm so sorry" I said

"it's okay" the person said

"no really I'm sorry" I said

"No need to be sorry it was my fault I wasn't paying attention to whereupon we're walking" the person said

"No I should if picked my head up " I said 

"We'll maybe you should pick your head up and let me help you up" the guy said I looked up and I saw the most gorgeous face ever from his chin to his forehead his greenish blue eyes his curly hair that was all wet and his plump pink lips 

"thank you" I said as he picked me up

"your welcome the names Harry Styles" Harry said

"Brittany Hunter" I said

"such a pretty name for such a pretty girl" Harry said 

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