Is this our Begining or our end

We're here togheter to know what we did that ended our relationship but guess what like you care anymore cause you were the one who cheated on me you left me standing here wait for you to say those three little words but instead you said I'm leaving you three different words why did I believe you why did I trust you all I wanted was a good relationship and a nice friend and all I got was a hand full of lies and drama


2. My house

After he said that I could not stop blushing he was laughing

"you have such a cute little laugh" he said

"thanks" I said

"do you want me to take you home so your not all alone walking in the rain" he asked

"yeah but it's a three mile walk that way" I said

"we'll I do need some excersise" he said

" really we'll let's go" I said we were walking togheter in the rain all alone no one coming are way till

ring ring ring

his phone went off he quickly took it out of his pocket and clicked end without it even looking at the phone we kept walking till we reached my house I looked at the beat up house it was missing three windows only had three rooms but we made room now it has five rooms and two bathroom a total of ten people live in the house but we love it as thought it was a mansion it was only one story do it really didn't have to much room it was just a bug trailer 

"you live here" Harry asked

"yes" I said

"do you think I could come in" he asked

"yeah sure" I said

"really" he asked

"follow me" I said we walked and as soon as we walked in it was quiet usually there are people all around me asking me questions they must be out I walked back to my room and once I walked in everyone jumped up and yelled 

"SUPPRISE" everyone said

"It's not my birthday" I said

"it is tommorrow" Kaitlyn said

"who's the boy" Christa said

"Oh my gosh it's Harry Styles from One Direction" Tiffany said

"Who" I said

"Hey it's a fan" Harry said

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