The Bird Who Couldn't Fly

This is a story... A story about a little bird... A little bird who could not fly. Always being made fun of by the other birds... But will you look beyond the words.. Will you see deeper into the soul of this story? Or are you just another person that doesn't understand the writing on the pages.


3. Kiwi's Plan

      Kiwi had actually gotten up that morning. He climbed out of his nest. All the birds bully him as he walks out of the tree covered woods. He approaches a Cliff. Kiwi says his prayers. For Kiwi will not be returning after his flight, and he knew that. Kiwi took a big breath and let out a sigh. He said goodbye. Then he approached the edge. He leaned foreword and began to fall... And for those few minutes Kiwi actually felt like he was flying. This was his dream. His dream was to fly. And it truly felt like he had accomplished it. Kiwi began to cry. Not tears of sadness, anger, or depression... But rather tears of joy... For his last moments... Kiwi had finally felt happy. And that's all he ever wanted. Then.. Everything is warm and it becomes dark. Kiwi had succeeded. He'd rather live a short and happy life... Rather than a long and miserable one... For I believe, Kiwi has taught us all a valuable lesson in life. You should always follow your dreams... Even if they seem impossible to achieve... Kiwi was a bird who couldn't fly... But for his last moments in life. He felt like he had accomplished his dreams... He felt like he was flying. So do not cry tears of sadness for this little Kiwi bird..

       But rather tears of joy... For in it's last moments it was happy... And all it ever wanted was to be happy... And to fly. So only cry of joy for this little Kiwi... For he has taught us all a lesson in life. And that is truly what we all need. Is a little joy and happiness in our life. For success always brings joy along for the ride. So goodbye Kiwi... And Goodbye to you... Fin.

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