The Bird Who Couldn't Fly

This is a story... A story about a little bird... A little bird who could not fly. Always being made fun of by the other birds... But will you look beyond the words.. Will you see deeper into the soul of this story? Or are you just another person that doesn't understand the writing on the pages.


2. Growing Up Kiwi

      Kiwi was still very sad at this point in time. He had grown up. He still could not fly and he still was ridiculed for his differences to the other birds. Kiwi only wants to fly now. He still has no wings, unlike the other birds. Kiwi became very depressed. He did not talk much anymore. Nor did he sing his happy little songs. He just sits up in his nest wondering why he was ever even born. The poor little Kiwi now cries and now when he tries to sing his voice will crack and he will go into a coughing fit. He can now only sing low monotone songs. His songs sound no longer happy. If he even sings them at all. He is usually silent or weeping quietly. He is still bullied. Birds will fly up to him. Calling him a freak, or saying he is fat and ugly. Even though he doesn't eat that much anymore. This poor little Kiwi is slowly dying of hunger. He is now wondering more than ever. "Why was I even born?" He would wonder this very often. Crying himself to sleep. He knew that he'd die alone.

       Kiwi stopped eating now. He doesn't eat at all anymore. He is quite weak now. The birds stopped calling him fat but now they say that he's a freak, or that he's ugly, or that he's useless. Kiwi did feel useless. "Birds were meant to fly." He always thinks to himself "Birds were meant to fly.". He feels completely worthless and useless. Birds were meant to fly in his perspective and he could not do so. A bird that couldn't fly? Might as well not be a bird at all. He was always so depressed and being alone never helped that. Kiwi was growing up. He is feeling more and more depressed as years and time tick on. He wishes that he was never born. He just wants to fly. But he can't fly. He has no wings. Later that night Kiwi gets a plan. I might not be able to fly. But I can make my last moments feel like I am. Kiwi had made up a plan. He was going to make himself happy.

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