2. Our Song

*Amethyst's POV*

Standing by Josh's car, I fix my makeup. My mascara faded and my lips weren't as pink. I reapplied my mascara and my lipstick then stood by the car playing on my phone. I shivered in my cheerleading outfit and I started getting impatient waiting for Josh. I feel a pair of arms cover my arms and I look up. Josh is standing there behind me. "Ready to go babe?" He asks, walking around the car after unlocking it. I climb in, and kiss him on the cheek.

"I have to stop at my dorm first, I can't wear my cheerleading outfit to the movies." I reply, turning on the radio. I find out favorite station and leave it on, waiting to get back to my dorm.

*after drive*

I get out of the car, waiting for Josh. He comes out, and takes my hand, lacing our fingers together. We walk into the building, it being slightly warmer then the stands. Walking over to the elevator, I push the 12th button. Waiting for the elevator I put my head on Josh's shoulder, and he kisses my head lightly. I immediately feel my cheeks turn dark red. The elevator dings and the doors open to my best friend, Hannah, and her boyfriend, Todd come out. I wave and giggle, and Hannah waves back. We step into the elevator and just stand there waiting for the elevator to reach my floor. Josh goes to wait in the Living room, it's just a giant suite that I share with my sister, Hayley. I walk into my bedroom and shut the door, then open m closet. I have had my outfit ready for 3 days. It's our 3 year anniversary, and I'm really happy, and so is Josh. I pick it up and smile. It's a pair of black skinny jeans, with a beige sweater and black flats. I quickly take off the cheerleading uniform and throw it onto my bed. After putting my clothes on, I walk into the hallway and quickly into the bathroom. My light auburn hair is in a completely messy bun. I pull it out and shake my head, then start to brush it out. After completely brushing it out, I leave it down then walk out of the bathroom and into the living room. "Are you ready to leave Josh?" I ask, then turn my head towards him. He's standing there with a bouquet of dyed purple roses and a Kay Jewelers case. I run up to him and he engulfs me in a hug, then hands me the roses and box.

"I smuggled the roses in here this morning, with Hayley's help. I just hid the case in my car. I love you babe." I start crying and open the case. It's an amethyst, my name and my birthstone. I lift it up and find the cord underneath it. I quickly put it on and hug Josh again.

"I love you too babe."

A\N: second chapter is up!

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