1. She looks so perfect

This is the night we've been waiting for. The fake grass is covered with green dye, and is wet from this morning's rain. The sky is clear and the stars seem brighter. The stadium's bright lights gleaming on the field make it seem like it's still day. I look up at the stands and look for the cheerleaders. Amethyst is sitting in the middle, cheering the panthers on. I catch her eye and she smiles and waves. I nod at her and she shakes her pom poms. "LET'S GO BEAT THE EAGLES!" The football captain, Tim yells. We all yell and head out onto the field. The West High Eagles are waiting for us on the line. All we have to do is kick a field goal and we win. Rick, our kicker stands up to the line then steps back 2 or 3 feet. He runs up and kicks the ball and.....


Everyone in the stands that wants to support the Panthers screaming and yells and jumps. We just won the championship game! We pick up Rick and carry him over to the stands. I pick up the water bucket and pour it over his head. We all scream then head into the locker room. Amethyst jumps down from the stands and grabs my arm. I turn around and look and her, and she jumps up and kisses me. I feel our lips touch and still feel sparks, after 3 years. She bits my lip and then lets go. "See you by your car Josh." She whispers then walks off with her cheerleading friends.

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