Marvelous Marissa

A story I wrote with my best friend a few years back. Figured I would share this with you guys. This whole story is about the wonderful story behind friends and the many grand adventures that you have with them.


1. Just a Plain Normal Day at School

               Well, it was a Thursday, my favorite day of the week. This day is my absolute favorite because my teacher ,Mrs. Elle, lets us hang out with our best friends. Which incase you couldn't guess, is AWESOME! So, like everyday we had to start off the day with the positively putrid DLR*.They are super easy so it only took me about 5 minutes to finish. I looked around the room, was I really the only one done?

               After we checked our DLR's, we had to go to gym class. Gym is my favorite class EVER! So around 8:15 we headed to the gym. At gym class we played tunnel tag. In tunnel tag 3 people are "it" and they have to tag the people that aren't it. If  you DO get tagged you have to turn into a tunnel with your feet spread out. The only way to get back into the game is if somebody crawls through your tunnel. There are so many different kinds of tag games, but this one is by far my favorite. Right when I got tagged my best friend Wendy crawled through my tunnel and untagged me, so I was free to go.

              After gym class we went back to our classroom. We studied our vocab words and guess what, I know ALL of mine! The day went on as normal. But hours later, as it seemed, it was time to go to the cafeteria for lunch. Wendy and I sat next to each other as usual. Wendy and I always eat the same thing a chicken Caesar salad. They are literally the best thing on this planet.

             So, after lunch Wendy and I played four square, then jump rope, then we just talked and had fun! I love jump rope! I especially love to jump rope when Wendy is with me, She always teaches me new tips and tricks. Now that I think of it I actually think that Wendy and I tried jump roping together in first grade. She got it right away but I just couldn't get it. Then Wendy taught me a way that will always stick with me.

             Now after the fun things we did at recess we had to go back to learning...ugh. It was time for math. Math was my LEAST favorite class. I don't really like it because I don't understand it and honestly I am too embarrassed to get a tutor. Today during math we had to practice lattice multiplication...YAY! ( Incase you couldn't tell that was sarcasm.)Some people were starting to finish the one worksheet, so Mrs. Elle let us take a short break. I walked over to Wendy," We HAVE to hang out tonight." Yeah!" Wendy said with excitement. Mrs. Elle announced that we had to get back in our seats. She passed out another lattice worksheet, " Class tomorrow there will be a test on multiplication." You could hear half the class groan in "excitement". By this time, school was over in 15 minutes and time for the car riders to pack up and leave. Mrs. Elle said," Car riders turn your papers into the math basket, bus riders you have 5 more minutes to work on your worksheet." Wendy and I were both car riders, so I walked over to her desk." Come on Wendy, I can ask my mom while she is outside!" Wendy jumped up and said " ok, RUN, RUN,RUN, RUN!"  We ran to the door together then split up. She went to her car and I ran to my van. Tired and out of breath I said," Mom, can Wendy come over today. Her mom is right over there and I'll even go over and ask. Please, Please, PLEASE." Of course Wendy can come over, we aren't doing anything tonight." Just let me call Amy( Wendy's mom) and arrange the details"  About 5 minutes later Wendy came running over to my van. " We have to play with your dogs!" Do you even remember their names?" I questioned her. " Sorta but can you go over them again?" yea no problem. First of all there is  Nicole who is a golden retriever and is 3. Then there is Angelina who is a husky and only 5 months old. Then last but certainly not least, Jane who is a toy poodle and is 2 months old.

             By the time our little doggie chat was over we were at the house. We ran into the house and the dogs greeted us in the living room. After we were done petting the dogs we went upstairs to my room and gave our selves mani pedis! Our nails were painted our favorite colors. Mine were pink and orange and Wendy's were blue and green. As soon as our nails were dry, we went outside to play. We jumped on the trampoline for about an hour. We had to get off because it was time for dinner but you don't have to ask me twice to go and get some food. We had mashed potatoes, steaks, and corn. It was delicious! Wendy had to go after dinner. I said "Bye Wendy! Ill see you tomorrow!" After Wendy left I went into the garage and pulled out my ripstick. I did that until my mom came out and told me to come inside and go to bed. So, I went upstairs put on my pajamas, brushed my teeth and went to bed.

             The next morning my mom came in and woke me up around 7 am. I got up and did the usual thing. Brushed my teeth and get dressed. Today I wanted to look semi nice so I threw my long wavy hair into a messy bun and put on my favorite outfit. An oversized sweater, grey skinny jeans, and my favorite pair of white converse all stars. We were all ready running behind so I just grabbed some cereal and threw it in a cup and ran out the door. My mom dropped me off at the back door, "Bye mom, I love you!" I love you too sweetie." And this is how the best day  ever began.



*DLR is an acronym standing for Daily Language Review.

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