Marvelous Marissa

A story I wrote with my best friend a few years back. Figured I would share this with you guys. This whole story is about the wonderful story behind friends and the many grand adventures that you have with them.


3. Are You Okay?

             "Hey Sophie, are you all right? You look a little pale," "Yeah, I'm a little dizzy because my cast is on too tight but it's fine, I'll be okay." I'll go tell Mrs. Elle so that I can take you down to the nurse." Whatever" said Sophie. She was brave. Mrs. Elle called the nurse and told her that Sophie and I would be down there in a few minutes. As we arrived at the nurse's station Miss Allison started asking questions. ( Miss Allison is the school nurse.)''Hey Sophie , what happened to your poor arm?'' "Well I was at Marissa's house and we were messing around on the trampoline. We went up to her tree house and she pushed me off thinking that I would land on the trampoline. I didn't. I landed on the hard ground." Wow that sounds pretty harsh." 'Yeah but she is one of my best friends so I forgive her.'' Good. It's always good to keep your friends, even if accidents happen.''Thanks for the advice, Miss Allison." Anytime sweetheart.Now we need to do some work.Let's start by taking your cast off." Okay... ouch that actually kind of hurts."I know honey. Here I'll make you a deal, if you stay still and let me do this I will sign your cast."Okay and thank you."Well Sophie,your all set. Does it feel any better?"Yes, thank you. See you later." Okay see you later Sophie."

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