My Daddy Has No Face

One cold friday 13th, Slender Man is out in the woods, looking for his next victim.. Instead, he finds a little girl wrapped in blankets. Unlike him, he decides to take her in and look after her, hoping one day she'll become a cold hearted killer.


1. 1 - Prologue

Once upon a time, on a cold misty friday the 13th, a tall, slender figured man stalked the woods in search of his next victim. The night was extremely cold and a thick layer of fog lay above the woods, making it hard to see. In the distance, the man could hear children laughing, crying and having fun. So far tonight the woods had been empty, meaning the man had killed no one and wasn't happy about it. Normally, he'd kill three or four people before going back to his mansion in the centre of the woods. Something in the air made tonight feel.... different. The man walked for hours on end looking for someone, anyone to kill and get his satisfaction. He came across one of the trees he'd passed earlier with a crisp, brown piece of paper pinned to it. He put it there, of course. Suddenly, the woods filled with voices, female voices. The man hid behind a near by tree and waited for the ladies to walk by. He felt like a child on christmas morning as he watched all the ladies walk by, one carrying a baby wrapped in pink blankets with a name tag around it's neck. The ladies looked like nurses, dressed in white uniform and little caps. It's time, the man thought and stepped out from behind the tree, right in front of the ladies. All of them screamed as they looked at the faceless figure stood in front of them, tentacles emerging from his back. All the ladies ran, and the one carrying the baby dropped the baby and ran for her life. The man felt like smirking to himself, but then he hadn't killed any of the ladies, he wasn't satisfied. He almost walked away, that was until the baby began to cry. Annoyed by the crying, the man went over to it and picked it up, hoping he could kill the innocent little thing and be satisfied. He looked at the baby for a second and he felt his body relax. How can I kill this child?, the man thought, she's... a little killer. So, the man looked at the name tag around the babies neck to see what he should call his new child. It read 'Rochelle' in bold black letters, making it stand out for miles. The man wanted to smile, but being faceless, he couldn't. Instead, his plain face turned into a scrunched up white blanket, or what looked like one.
He then picked Rochelle up and held her close to his body and then whispered in her ear, "You're going to become a killer, just like.... daddy." Rochelle stopped crying and a smile formed on her lips, an evil looking smile. The man was proud, proud of his findings... and most of all, proud to have a little girl he could call 'daughter'. He walked back to his mansion, Rochelle snuggled up in his arms and many tentacles, sucking on one like a it was a dummy. The man had no idea why he'd taken the child into his care, he just wanted something to look after, something to dedicate his life too... something to become a future killer like himself. 

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