Best Friends (Jai Brooks fanfic)

Linda Watson was an ordinary teen until she met her future soulmate Jai Brooks. Jai was a in a Boy band in high school The Janokians he was with Luke his twin brother Beau,James and Daniel. His Manager Jordan Watson appeared to Be Linda's Father.


5. Jealousy Julia

Oh come on, Lindsay Emily Simpson isn't pregnant or is she? Julia asked

I don't know but I think that she and James had sex? Lindsay said

You mean James? James Jai's Friend? She asked

Yeah She said

I don't know if James is going to be a father but he's ugly Julia said

Yep talking about James he's over there with that slut you hate right?


Oh no Chrissa don't look cause Julia's There!!

Why does Julia have to be so mean? I asked in my thought

She talks about everyone in school!! I don't get her it's like she's a devil child!!! Cherissa said

What? How!! I said

Linda don't you get bullied by her? She asked

It's so obvious I thought

Well yeah it's because I'm dating Jai her ex!!

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