Best Friends (Jai Brooks fanfic)

Linda Watson was an ordinary teen until she met her future soulmate Jai Brooks. Jai was a in a Boy band in high school The Janokians he was with Luke his twin brother Beau,James and Daniel. His Manager Jordan Watson appeared to Be Linda's Father.


6. Hair Dye??????

Jai's P.O.V


Why does Luke have to dye his hair a billions of times!! He likes the color blue a lot!! But why Yellow and green? Is he trying to be cute? I mean Beau had a red strip in his hair for a dumb reason!! I'm going to be honest my favorite Janoskians is James!!!! He's normal not like those duffs!!

I went to the bathroom to brush my teeths

Wtf? Hair Dye??? Seriously Luke Your Fucking Serious!! God!!!

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