Best Friends (Jai Brooks fanfic)

Linda Watson was an ordinary teen until she met her future soulmate Jai Brooks. Jai was a in a Boy band in high school The Janokians he was with Luke his twin brother Beau,James and Daniel. His Manager Jordan Watson appeared to Be Linda's Father.


1. First Day Of School

As I woke up I made my hair into a bun. Wearing My "Smart as a Cookie"Shirt and Black leggings with my high tops. As I putted my Red lipstick.

I rushed downstaris. Linda Why did you put a bunch of lipstick my mother asked. Mmm..What no I said bitting my lip. Linda Stop lying you're probably going to smooch with a boy My killer little sister Olivia Said. Olivia Why don't you shut up you little brat I said.

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