Best Friends (Jai Brooks fanfic)

Linda Watson was an ordinary teen until she met her future soulmate Jai Brooks. Jai was a in a Boy band in high school The Janokians he was with Luke his twin brother Beau,James and Daniel. His Manager Jordan Watson appeared to Be Linda's Father.


2. Class 2342

Hi Linda Welcome To Class 2342 Shelley said. Thanks and who's that I asked. Oh you mean Jai Brooks he's a babe Linda you should go talk to him. Okay . Hi I'm Linda Welcome to Class 2342 I here that you're new here in Richmond High I said. Hey I'm Jai and thanks I'm actully glad that my twin Luke isn't in this Class he's in Class 2344 and umm.. Linda wanna hang out sometime ? Jai asked. Umm.. Yeah I'll love too Jai I said Hugging him.

Wow, Linda Wow look at you you're making your move and you guys hugged aww it's so cute. Yeah you think so the best part is that he asked me if I want to hang out and I said yes.

Really Linda? You got Jai Brooks to go out with a loser like you bitch I hate you a mysterious girl said. Umm Excuse me but do I know you I asked fermly. No you don't I'm Julia Robinson I used to go to the same school as Jai and we dated for a week he dumped and know whoever dates him I hate her so I hate you she said. Wow in that way I don't care he's moving on so I think you should do that Julia.

Well Bitch wanna fight come at me she said. Okay whatever. She grabbed my hair.

Jai look your ex Julia is in this Class and she's fighting with that girl. Wait.. A minute that's Linda I better go stop it right now.

Guys Stop Julia and Linda stop fighting. Jai I said. Guys Stop This Right now and Julia I moved on now I'm Dating Linda he said.

Shelley Jai just said that were dating with out asking me?

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