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3. Iris

 Title: Iris

Rating: Y

Genre: realism

Summary: " She was like iris if an eye; she crushed you or stretched you, depending on the day, and altered the way you saw things and the way the world was lit."


Iris could not be any more different to the other students of Gwenafwy School, or any more enticing.  The while school is entranced by her, none more so than Gareth.  He longs to know her better but, as she drags him deepening her conflicted and fragmented world, he realizes that maybe he knows nothing at all.......


Author: Mere Cat


I love this book a lot.  I like all your fancy words you use to describe normal not fancy words.  This book is great, and I would love for all to read, like, fan, and comment.  Please update this book!





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