1. Underwater

Being with him was like swimming, sometimes I'd be under water. The light breaking through the surface of the water, blinding me and warming me. It was comfortable, almost sluggish. I'd feel heavy and sleepy. His entire being, the way he talked, what he talked about, just what he was; it surrounded me like water. It massaged me, never restricted me.
Sometimes I'd  surface, and then a brief moment of cool. Cold as the water on my body turns to steam, it's refreshing. It sends shivers through me. The sun it dazzles me, and then I can hear clearly, and see clearly. I can feel everything so clearly, that's how he can be too. So frank, and straight that it cuts through everything. His words like ice, it's refreshing. I love his two sides.

But I know if I stay out too long, the heat from the sun will make me sweat, and it'll become uncomfortable. This is when I should get out of the pool and leave. I should have left him before I ended up getting sun burnt. Now I'm sore, raw and exhausted.

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