Unexpected Love//Luke Hemmings

"I have always hated him and he has always hated me. Now I'm not too sure. I was supposed to fall in love with him in the play; not in real life."

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7. Chapter 6

Chapter 6

Luke's POV

"Does she seriously have to come?" I ask Calum.

"Yes. She was crying over the phone. I think it's her parents again." He says pacing in front of the door. He really cares about her. They have this really strong relationship that is disturbing.

"My poor baby." Michael says as he thinks about Rina. Michael has this look when he thinks about her. It's hard to explain but funny to see.

I hear a knock at the door and Calum nearly jumps to it.

He opens the door to see a tear stained, lonely looking, Rina. She looks so weak and fragile and I actually feel sorry for her.

Calum holds his arms out for a hug and she tightly and quickly hugs back. You can see her cry into his shoulder. They make sure to leave no space in between them. Calum and Rina have that relationship. All they do is talk and cuddle. It's disgusting.

I hear Mikey pout.

"Babe? What about me?" He says with his arms open. She let's go and jumps into his arms.

She giggles a bit as he spins her around.

Michael and Rina have a flirty relationship. All they do is flirt and again this is disgusting. Well more disturbing.

He let's go of her and smiles.

"Even sad you still look beautiful." He says and she blushes.

"Don't steal my girl." Calum says annoyed.

She begins to laugh. "I love you both. He's not stealing me and I'm not yours. You guys are both my amazing friends." She says with a smile.

They both mutter fine and begin to talk to each other about FIFA.

She walks over to me and nods. "Hi Luke."

"Woah. Did you just call me by my real name?" I say with a smirk.

She rolls her eyes. "Shut up dork. Don't get used to it."

We walk over to the couch and sit down.

I sit on the chair couch and she sits in the love seat.

Michael and Calum rush over to the couches. Calum sits beside Rina and Michael lays down on the big couch.

Calum and Rina start to cuddle.

I start to fake barf.

"Shut up." Calum says. "It's comfortable." He begins to scorch closer to her. They lay down and she places her head in his neck. He has this goofy smile on his face while she has this worried and sad look on hers.

"Baby. What exactly happened?" Michael questions.

"My mom and Thomas had a fight and they said some things they shouldn't towards me." She says as a tear falls and she closes her eyes.

We stay silent for a bit.

"This will all blow over. Don't worry." I say.

Wait what? Am I supporting her? What the literal crap is happening here?

Her eyes shot open and look directly into mine.

"Why did you just try to help me?" She asks with a little smirk.

"I seriously don't know." I say.

"Aw. Lukey has a heart!" Michael says and I throw a pillow at his face.

Calum begins to laugh so I shut him up by throwing the pillow at him but I end up almost hitting Rina. Luckily she dodges and it hits Calum. I'm happy it misses her because I can't stand her nagging and whining. God it's annoying.

"Trying to kill me?" She says.

Here me go. The whining.

"Not this time." I say with a smile.

She fake laughs then glares at me.

She mouths the word 'asshole' to me and I smirk.

"Let's watch Finding Nemo!" Michael says.

We all agree and begin to watch it.

Half way in the movie Calum calls me name.

"Luke. Rina fell asleep. Take her to my room please." He begs.

I sigh. I walk over to her and pick her up bridal style. She is out like a light and I like her better this way. She looks calm and peaceful. It's pretty cute actually.

I lay her down in Calum's bed and tuck her in.

I begin to walk away but she grabs my hand.

"Stay with me." She mumbles.

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