Unexpected Love//Luke Hemmings

"I have always hated him and he has always hated me. Now I'm not too sure. I was supposed to fall in love with him in the play; not in real life."

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All rights reserved, including the right of reproduction in whole or in part in any form.


6. Chapter 5

Chapter 5

Ah Saturdays. Best day of the week. No curfew, no school, just me and my bed.

Now there is also one less thing to worry about, no play practice.

That was a chore for me. I hated it. It was stupid. Sometimes I wish that I accepted the offer of getting suspended.

"You don't understand, you don't understand.

What you do to me when you hold his hand."

I hear One Direction play from my phone and that can only mean one thing, Liz is calling me.

"Hey there babe." I say as I answer the phone.

"OH MY GOD! GUESS WHAT?" She screams into the phone nearly blowing up my eardrum.

"First off, ouch. And secondly what?" I say irritated.

"Ashton asked me out! Our date is tonight!" She says all excitedly and with a squeal at the end. I smile from ear to ear. She got her dream guy! Finally.

"We need to go shopping for your date!" I say. I can honestly say that I am excited for her. She has been crushing on him forever and he has been loving her since the first day she moved here. I am happy they are together but he better not hurt her.

"I'll pick you up in a few." She says.

We say our good byes and I head downstairs.

"Bye mom! I'm going shopping with Liz!" I scream out.

I hear a faint 'okay' in the distance and I walk to the porch and sit down.

She isn't hear yet but she doesn't live too far away so she should be hear soon.

I look around my neighbour hood and study the tree in my front yard. It's a normal tree I guess. I don't know what kind of tree it is but it's leaves look like stretched tear drops and each leaf is a brilliant green. I watch the way each branch moves against the wind, almost as if it is waving.

I like to focus on the beauty of nature a lot. It calms me and helps me forget sometimes.

I hear a beep of a car and get out of my gaze. I look to the direction of the noise and see a smiling Liz waving to me like crazy in a honda.

I run to her and hop in the car.

"Hey sweet pee. Off to the mall?" I ask as I buckle myself in.

She nods. "We are going bowling and I need a cute casual look."

I know exactly what to get her.

It takes a while before getting to the mall.

We first head to Urban planet. We buy a black high waisted skirt that shows off Liz's long runners legs.

"You look adorable!" I screech.

I admit, I do have a soft side towards shopping but what girl doesn't?

She starts to giggle. "Thanks love!"

We walk out the store.

"I'm hungry." I say as I point to the direction of the nearest KFC.

"You sure love chicken." Liz laughs.

"Hey! It's 'so good'!" I say quoting their slogan.

She laughs at my corny joke and we each buy ourselves a snack box.

We head to the nearest open table and sit down.

"Tell me everything about play practice." Liz says with a smirk.

"We did these worthless exercises and we got our scripts. That about sums it up." I say with a shrug.

"Damn it. No kissing scenes for you and Luke yet?" She says with a fake pout.

"Shut up." I say with total annoyance in my voice.

"I'm serious. You guys are going to get married." She says and I roll my eyes. "Did you look at the script yet?"

"Yeah. It's about these best friends named Alisha and Chris and they end up falling in love. Love is stupid. This play is stupid." I say as I finish my popcorn chicken and take a sip of my root beer.

"You're stupid." Liz says while laughing. "Love exists it's just that you didn't find it yet."

"I don't want to find it. I don't need to find it. I'll be a dog lady with gnomes." I say with a genuine smile.

"You're not a cat lady because you hate cats. How do you hate cats am not gnomes? Those things seriously creep me out!" She says while she shivers and moves weirdly at the thought of gnomes.

"Then you don't need to visit me." I say with a pout.

She laughs at our stupidity.

We end up buying her a pink crop top to go with the skirt. She changes in to them and drops me off on her way to the date.

"Thanks for our help!" She says and waves as I walk to my house.

"Have fun!" I scream as she rides off.

I unlock the door and hear yelling.

Oh no. Not again.

My mom and her boyfriend have been fighting for the last week and it's really getting on my nerves.

I see them in the family room.

"You're a worthless bitch!" Thomas, my moms boyfriend, spits.

"You're a drunk asshole. I want to break up!" My mom screams back.

A tear rolls down my cheek and I can't take this anymore.

"Stop! You guys love each other!" I scream.

They both look at me in disgust.

I can tell they are both drunk.

"Stay out of this!" My mom yells.

"You're a useless piece of junk!" Thomas yells.

With that I run out of the house. Usually when this happens I call Liz but I am not going to ruin her date so I call Calum.

It rings two times then he picks up.

"Hey doll!" He says into the phone.

"I-I'm on my way over." I say through the tears.

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