Unexpected Love//Luke Hemmings

"I have always hated him and he has always hated me. Now I'm not too sure. I was supposed to fall in love with him in the play; not in real life."

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4. Chapter 3

Chapter 3

I walk into the school still a little bit pissed off from yesterday. It still irks me to know that Luke seriously doesn't care about what happened to me. He is the person who saved me from getting... Raped... From a house party last year.

-flash back-

"Baby. Stop moving." My drunk boyfriend, Taylor, seductively whispers into my ear. He bangs my back against the wall of one of the bedrooms in his friends house. Everyone is downstairs and they are all dancing to the blaring music.

Taylor starts to play with the rim of my shirt as he kisses my neck.

"Stop it!" I cry out which only makes him want to do it more.

I knee his private area and he winces a bit at the blow. He bends over and holds his stomach. I kick his face as he bends over and he screams out.

He punches my stomach and I fall to the ground he begins to kick me over and over again until someone barges into the room.

Taylor freezes and stands still.

"It's not what it-" he begins.

"Get the hell away from her. I always knew you were trouble since the first day I saw you." The voice says. I know this voice anywhere. It's my ex-best-friend Luke!

Luke charges for Taylor and repeatedly punches his face until he passes out.

Luke runs over to me.

"Are you alright?"

-end of flashback-

To this day I can never repay what he did for me in there. It was Taylor's first time ever doing that to me but it was also his last since I dumped him right after. Even though Luke saved me he still hates me. He has treated me like dirt since almost 3 years ago.

I just don't know what to do with that kid.

As I make my way over to my locker I hear a familiar snobby and annoying voice behind me.

"Hey there slut." I hear her say but it isn't just any girl, it's Luke's girlfriend.


"I'm the slut? At least I didn't sleep with all the seniors when I was in the 9th grade." I say back with out even looking at her.

"Look at me!" She screams. So I slowly turn around, roll my eyes, and cross my arms in front of me.

"Listen here and listen closely. Do not steal my boyfriend!" She says. I begin to laugh. It was a soulful laugh. Me and Luke! HA! That would be a miracle.

"Listen here blondy. I know you're stupid but this was way too idiotic of you to say. We are enemies. I don't want him." I say still laughing.

She slaps my face but it doesn't even hurt. She punches my arm.

Don't fight back.

Don't fight back.

"At least my father didn't abandon me!" She says with a smirk.

I punch her face and she flies to the floor. Everyone watches.

I start to kick her.

"Rina Manson!" I hear the principal call.


I'm busted.

"My office now!"

I carefully pick up my things as Chloe runs off.

I walk through the halls following my principal Mr. Matthews.

Everyone watches and they give me thumbs up or they say good job. I even get some high fives from people.

I walk proudly and begin to smirk.

Everyone hates Chloe and loves me.

Life is good.

I walk into the office and sit in my usual chair. The coffee table is beside me.

"Do you want cream this time sir? Because I know sometimes you don't want some." I ask as I pour him a mug full of coffee.

"Sure why not?" He asks.

I put some cream and hand it to him.

"Thank you. You are in here way too often." He says.

"I know." I say. "Please don't suspend me!" I beg.

"Don't worry. I have a better punishment. You know Ricky? The student who writes all the schools plays?" I nod cautiously. "I want you to star in it. It's a love story." He says with a smirk.

"WHAT?!" I scream and stand up. "Never mind. Suspend me." I say while I get on one knee. "Please!"

"Nope. The first practice is today after school."


Luke POV

*earlier that morning*

I grab my books out of my locker and see Taylor standing in front of me.

"What do you want?" I ask coldly.

He just shrugs and smirks.

"How's the slut doing? You know, Rina?" He asks.

"What did you just call her?" I say as I poke his chest.

No matter how many bad words Rina might be, she is definitely not a slut.

He pokes me back in response. "She is a slut. She is a worthless slut." He says slowly.

"Oh yeah?" I say and punch his jaw which makes him fly across the hall. I go up to him and keep punching him like I did a year ago.

"Luke Hemmings! My office now!" I hear principal Matthews say.


"I'm not done!" I scream out.

"Now!" He says louder.

I walk over to the office and sit in the chair beside the coffee table. It's my usual chair.

"Want some coffee, sir?" I ask.

"No I already had some. This is the second fight today." He says.

I wonder who was in the other fight.

"I'm not suspending you or giving you detention. I am going to dish out the same punishment I have to the other girl this morning." He says.

It was a girl. Interesting.

"You and the other girl are going to star in Ricky's play." He says. My jaw drops. "It's a love story."

"No way." I say as he stands up and walks to the door.

"Practice today after school. If you don't go you and her will get expelled." He says as he walks through the door.

Shit. This is so not good.

Dun dun DUNNN!!!

Hope you liked it!


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