Unexpected Love//Luke Hemmings

"I have always hated him and he has always hated me. Now I'm not too sure. I was supposed to fall in love with him in the play; not in real life."

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20. Chapter 19

Chapter 19

Rina's POV

It may be the last time I will ever see luke.

Have his hand in mine and our fingers perfectly intertwined or his arm around my waist as he tells me he loves me.

I won't be able to kiss him or love him. That's a lie actually, I don't think I'll ever stop loving him. He's just so perfect in my eyes and I love everything about him.

The way he snores in his sleep, the little hicups he gets after he eats spicy food, how his nose flares when he laughs too hard, all these things he hates about him self I absolutely adore. How can you not? He's just so amazing.

We are at the air port waiting for the boys flight to be called. Ashton and Liz can't keep their hands off eachother, Michael and Calum are trying to make the best out of it by playing with the securities cart and pranking strangers, and Luke and I are sitting here. I'm all cuddled up against him as he sings me Never Be. I quietly sob as I listen to his amazing voice that I will only be hearing on YouTube and maybe even the radio one day. He's so talented and I am very proud of him.

I hold him tighter and he kisses my forehead.

"I love you. And I will never stop loving you." I whisper while I choke out a sob.

"We will be together again. Just wit." He says.

I look up at him and he is smiling while his eyes threaten tears.

"I am proud of you. So so proud."

"If it weren't for you and Liz. We would be here." He says.

He's right. We convinced them to go on YouTube and helped out but they are the talent. We are just the help.

I just stare at luke. Those mesmerizing eyes stare at me back.

He leans in and his lips brush against mine. I pull him closer deepening the kiss.

I get butterflies as our tongues dance and lips move in sync.

He is the only one who has this affect on me. Everyone else I have kissed I have felt nothing with.

No sparks. No connection.

Luke is the only person who makes me feel this way and that's how it will always be.

"Flight 308 To New York boarding now." The speaker comes on.

It's the boys flight. I begin to burst into tears and hug luke. He is crying to.

We both mumble I love you to eachother and keep repeating it.

I look at him. "I'll be right back." I say.

I run to ashton and jump on him. He screams, laughs, and cries as he catches me.

"I'll miss you brother from another mother." I say as I kiss his cheek.

"I'll miss you sister from another mister." He says back.

I run to Michael and hug him tightly. Michael is my flirt and my best friend. I will miss his stupidness.

"I'll miss you babe." He says and kisses my cheek.

"I'll miss you more." I say and sniffle.

Then I see Calum. He's more than a friend. He is my partner in crime and my other half. He's the one person I can rely on anything for. I will miss him most of all (besides Luke).

I run up to him. He engulfs me in a hug and twirls me around.

"Thank you for everything. You have been the best and we must keep in touch." I say and he nods.

"I love you." He says.

"I love you too." I say with a smile.

I run back to luke and jump on him. He spins me and I giggle. Our lips make contact again but the announcement interrupts us.

"Last call for flight 308." Tears pour out again.

We all say our finally good byes and I love you's and they walk off.

"Wait!" I call up to luke. He turns around as I run for him.

I kiss him and pull out something from my purse.

It's a picture frame with a picture of me and him laying on my bed. He is laughing his head off because I am wearing a bra as a helmet.

He takes it and kisses my cheek.

"Always." He says with a smile.

"Always." I say back.

I run up to Liz and start crying into her shoulder.

"Shh. You'll see them again. I promise." She says as she cries too.

I don't know if I will. I really don't.

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