Novel truth or dare🆕

This is novel truth or dare. All you have to do is in the comments below, choose from Hunger games,Harry potter,Percy Jackson and The fault in our stars. (Sorry to divergent fans but I won't do divergent until I have read at least the first book, although I have seen the movie) tell me what novel you want to dare and give me the dare. Ex:Harry potter. I dare Snape to kiss Lily for a full 5 minutes with Harry and James watching. So do that in the comments below and I'll try my best to do them.i may not use your dare until there are enough dares for the novel. Enjoy!


3. dares!!!!!!

Excuse moi but I am slightly unhappy about the lack of dares! I only got one dare from an extremely nice person. There will not be another chappie until I see at least 9 more dares! This isn't so that I can make up the dares! This is your dares and I don't want to be a boring author without any participation from the readers! I want you all to be a part of this! Thanks to MischiefManaged who gave my first and only dare! I might do a chappie though with MischiefManaged's dare because they have been waiting a while but since I've got no dares, I have had nothing to work with! I'm sorry if I'm being rude but I'm just a person who gets frustrated easily... so thanks and please!!!!!!! I. NEED.MORE.DARES!!!!!

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