Can't Run

''You can't run from everything Carter'' He whispered to me slowly walking past me leaving me there wide eyed alone in the coffee shop with my coffee that was now on the ground. cover made by: exquisiteharry (thank you so much)


11. **Chapter seven**


I was walking down the street towards the park where me and Ricky would meet in now... shit I still have 2 minutes he's probably already there

Holley was also with me of course she wouldn't let me go alone in case Connor was gonna come


Oh well


Birds were chirping and you could hear the children laughing that were running around in the park


I walked towards a bench and sited on it, I decided to call Ricky and ask where he is


''Hey Ricky where are you?'' I asked as he picked up

''Look behind you'' Ricky said and so I did, and when I did I could see him nearing us

I grabbed Holley's hand when yes in deed Connor was with him and he was shooting me death glares


''What the hell!'' Connor started when they were on the other side of the bench

Me and Holley got up and went to stand in front of them, Connor was in front of me and Ricky was next to him and Holley next to me

''You wouldn't understand...'' I said through gritted teeth 

''You know that no one likes me anymore they all unfollowed me on twitter and I can say bye bye to all the collabs that could help me grow my channel'' Connor said he looked mad and of course he has every right well... I have every right to go to the cops but still I won't

''Just be happy I didn't go to the cops and told them everything'' I said again through gritted teeth

My arms were crossed and I was fuming! Ugh I hate Connor!

''Believe me it wouldn't end well...'' Connor said and looked away

''Hey hey if you touch her I swear to god I will...'' Holley started but I putted my hand in front of her mouth. Because if she continued I know that she would actually do it right here and right now

''Oh shut up'' Connor said and he rolled his eyes

''Fucking make me!'' Holley screamed and started to grab Connor's arm but I grabbed her back and Ricky helped me to hold her back

''Let me fucking go that prick deserves it!'' Holley screamed

''Holley please!'' I screamed she had to stop we were causing attention and if someone recognizes us from YouTube were screwed 

''Connor listen they are my friends and it was killing me! I kept meeting you again and again and you kept on making me feel guilty over and over again we promised each other to never speak of it again! And you ruined it I cried every night since then I stopped like a month ago but this week it all happened again! So just disappear from my life just go the fuck away and stay away! And if you cause any drama because of this I WILL go to the cops you got that!'' I said

Leaving Connor there with a stone expression on his face

He took a deep breath and went...

''Okay'' He said and started to walk away

''I am so sorry Carter but I am not thinking any less of him'' Ricky said and he ran after Connor

''Let's go'' I said with a painful and mad expression on my face and me and Holley started to walk back to our apartment 

''Wow... That he actually had the balls to come'' Holley said

''Well I am happy he came because now I said all of this'' I said to Holley and she nodded

''Jenn is coming over with Andrea tonight to watch some movies btw'' I said

''Oh cool wanna go and get something from the store for tonight?'' Holley asked

''Sure but you are gonna drive'' I said joking slightly

Come on we can't stay sad all day... 

''Fuck no bitch I ain't wasting gas on your fat ass'' Holley said

We both laughed but we then agreed that she would still drive


When we got to the story we actually just did our grocery's since we were running low and some snacks for tonight


''Hey girl heeeeeeey'' Jenn said walking in 

''Giiiiiiirl'' I said in a really cali voice

''Giiiiiiiirl'' Andrea said

''Giiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirl'' Holley said longer then we did

''JUST WANT A DIFFERENT GIRL!'' Jenn started screaming referring to the Pharrel song

We laughed and we all sat down on the couch

''What movie are we watching?'' Andrea asked downing some popcorn down

''Ahem we are gonna watch both the mean girls moviessssssss'' Holley said

''Omg I love mean girls!'' I said

''Yaaaas!'' Jenn screamed

We watched both the movies and laughed our asses off of course we chatted for a little and did some fun stuff on twitter and than they left and me and Holley passed out on the couch since we were tired



I heard my phone go off and I shot off from the couch

''Hello?'' I asked as I answered

''Hey where are you?'' I heard Tyler ask

''What do you mean?'' I asked

''Were hosting something for awesomeness remember?'' He asked

FUCK! I totally forgot we are hosting the whole week for awesomeness and we are starting today and also tomorrow with shooting all the episodes 

It's gonna be called Car and Ty time

''Omg Tyler I am so sorry what time do I need to be there?'' I asked

''We are gonna shoot in 1 hour but they are doing make-up and hair and everything so get your ass over here!'' He said into the phone

''Omg yes! Okay see you later bye love you'' I said

''Love you too girl but hurry uppppp'' Tyler said and we hung up

My outfit and make-up and everything will be done there so all I did was put on some leggings tank tops and sandals then I let my hair lose brushed my teeth grabbed an apple and went away

Holley was still fast asleep on the couch so I left her a note on the kitchen isle 


''Hey sorry I am late!'' I said as I walked in

''They still have 20 minutes to do your make-up and hair go!'' This lady said that worked there and she pushed me towards hair and make-up

They did everything and I got dressed

''Hey you guys so you will be hosting actually with some special quest...'' Hunter said with an excited face

''What do you mean?'' Tyler asked

''Yeah what do you mean?'' I asked

''Well The Janoskians! You guys will be going into LA for the first and last episode which we are gonna be shooting today and prank on people since that is something they do'' Hunter started

No... First Connor and now they again...

''There they are'' Hunter pointed towards a couch where they were all sitting on

And of course the one and only Beau Brooks was sitting there smirking at me...

''Okay everyone get ready get outside in 10 minutes into the black bus that says number 10 on it'' This lady screamed for everyone so they knew what to do...



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