Can't Run

''You can't run from everything Carter'' He whispered to me slowly walking past me leaving me there wide eyed alone in the coffee shop with my coffee that was now on the ground. cover made by: exquisiteharry (thank you so much)


12. **Chapter eight**


Right now we were in bus 10 on our way to the shopping center to do some pranks on people

I was sitting next to Tyler way in the back Hunter was in front of us explaining some things but I wasn't listening, Beau was starring at me with a big smirk on his face while I was death glaring him the whole way


''Carter please pay some attention'' Hunter said

''I am sorry'' I said a little annoyed and leaned back in my chair

''It's okay basically what I just explained to Tyler was... That you and the guys will par up in couples and then you will be giving these ear pieces and you have to do everything the other couple tells you to do''

''Who are the couples?'' I asked a little afraid... Please don't let me be with Beau... Please....

''Well Daniel is with Luke, You and Jai, Beau and Tyler, and James is gonna be with me I will be in this one episode'' Hunter explained

O.M.G Yes... Still with his brother but Jeey! I never really had a problem with Jai we used to be really good friends I was probably closest with him out of all of the boys well except for Beau since he was my boyfriend but we just didn't talk to each after the break up happened

''Okay... Did you tell the other boys?'' I asked

''We are almost there I will tell them when were outside'' Hunter told us and me and Tyler nodded

Me and Tyler just chatted for the rest of the way it was like 2 minutes but still we had a great time if that's possible in 2 minutes.... hahhaha


''Okay you guys you will pair up in couples and will get ear pieces and then you have to do everything the other couple says you to do'' Hunter said

Beau started smirking again... HA little did their were already pairs

''The couples are...'' Hunter started

And after he said that his smirk went away like BOOM!

''Daniel and Luke...'' Daniel went to stand next to Luke

''Carter and Jai...'' Jai stood next to me then and he smiled at me, while Beau looked annoyed as fuck! HA!

''Beau and Tyler...'' Tyler went to stand next to Beau

''And me and James'' Hunter finished

''Okay talk to each other for a little we are gonna set up the camera's'' Hunter said and walked off

Me and Jai were sitting on a bench like 10 steps away from where everyone else was

''So Carter how are you?'' Jai started

I really missed Jai he was one of my best friends, I even started to tear up

I just went for it and I gave him a big hug he immediately wrapped his arms around my torso

''I missed you so much Carter'' Jai said while I had my head in his neck 

''I also missed you'' I said having a couple of tear spill

''No don't cry please princess listen let's never make that happen again we still have each others numbers we should start texting again!'' Jai said all excited

He always used to call me princess and I called him prince... yes we were that close XD

''What the fuck!'' Beau said storming towards us

''Why the fuck did you make her cry!?'' Beau screamed angry in Jai's face

''Beau shut the fuck up I haven't seen him in a long time I was emotional he didn't do anything!'' I screamed and pushed him back a little

''Guys stop it we are gonna start recording now'' Hunter said running towards us

I glared at Beau and he did the same to me

I then got on my place and putted on a fake smile and we started recording


''Hey you guys it's me Carter!''

''And hey all you fabulous people watching this it's me Tyler Oakley'' Tyler then said

''Good way to say hello to all of them Tyler'' I said smiling towards Tyler and he did the same back

''Today were not alone'' I then said

''We are gonna be joined this whole week with the one and only JANOSKIANS!'' Tyler then screamed and we all started clapping and cheering

''We are gonna prank some people today here at the shopping center'' Beau then said (I don't actually know any places in LA so just go with it XD)

''So get ready and here we go!'' I said and we all ran away towards a different Direction

Luke and Daniel even jumped in some bushed and James pulled Beau on his back and made some spins

''And cut!'' Hunter said

''Great job you guys now here are the ear pieces and the microphone so you can talk to each other'' Hunter said

''Who is gonna go first?'' Luke asked

''How about Tyler and Beau start off with Jai and Carter commanding them'' This time it was my time to smirk and Beau looked a little scared 

HA! You better be *smirks*

''Okay nod if you can hear us'' I said through the little mic and they both nodded

''I want you guys to walk up to that lady in the green tank top and her friend from behind and scare them then you also scream and you run away'' I said and high fives Jai

And so they did the girls actually started to punch them with their hand bags causing us all to laugh really hard

''Okay Beau see that security guy over there walk up to him go cry in front of him and then you Tyler drag him away and say I am sorry for my little boy over here he sometimes just runs away from me isn't that right little Peter and then Beau put you thumb in your mouth and run!'' Jai said

''Creative...'' I said nodding my head and Jai smiled 

And they did the security guy actually got really mad and started to run after them a little bit


They ran back to us and now it was my and Jai's turn and Tyler and Beau were commanding us this time... Fuck me.


''Okay nod if you can hear us'' Tyler started

We nodded

''Carter go up to that group of guys and start screaming really loud and then Jai you come from behind Carter and do a raining dance sort of thing''

Are. You. Kidding. Me.


''Do it Car car...'' Beau said and I knew he was smirking, I looked his way and death glared him

But hey I got to do what I got to do

And so I did the guys were scared of me and Jai and they awkwardly walked off and me and Jai actually started to laugh real hard

''Now jump on Jai's back and start singing a song and then you guys run off towards us'' Tyler said

I jumped on his back and Jai immediately started to sing that's what she said by them and I knew the lyrics sad enough so yeah we started to sing that

''TAKE TAKE TAKE TAKE TAKE TAKE TAKE IT OFF!'' Jai screamed and I joined

''NO NO NO NO NO DON'T EVER STOP!'' I screamed

''YOU KNOW I WANT YOU'' Jai continued


''THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID BABY BUY IT ON iTunes OR DIE!'' Jai screamed and we started laughing

This was actually really funny to do

''Good job'' Tyler said while we walked back and I high fived him and gave Jai a hug and I also high fived Beau but just because the camera's were recording us


The rest of the day was filled with screaming old lady's... A penguin suit... And marshmallows.... 

Don't ask I don't even know what happened.


We were now back in the studio I was grabbing my things when Beau walked up to me

''I know things aren't good between us but can we please just talk about it this is killing me from inside out and I know it's bugging you too'' Beau said

''Yeah okay I guess...'' I said looking down to my shoes

''Are you free tonight like around 8 pm? We can get something to eat and talk about everything'' Beau asked me

I was nervous I haven't spoked to him in such a long time and right now all this...

''Yeah sounds good'' I said without even thinking what I was saying

''Okay I will pick you up'' Beau said

''Okay see you then'' I said and quickly walked off without saying anything else or making eye contact

Well tonight me and Beau might be a couple again or hate each other or nothing will change at all basically anything can happen...



​I am so sorry for the long wait these past weeks have been pretty hectic and a lot of stress and just uggggghh....

And I also had a writers block I didn't write anything not even one song *cries* Well I think I am back... So maybe expect a update soon again?

​Love you guys so much and please be patient I am still figuring out some thing xxx-Mounia

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