Can't Run

''You can't run from everything Carter'' He whispered to me slowly walking past me leaving me there wide eyed alone in the coffee shop with my coffee that was now on the ground. cover made by: exquisiteharry (thank you so much)


9. **Chapter 5**


Can't run


''Thank you guys for coming'' I said as everyone sat down my closest friend I was about to tell my story to

There were Jenn, Andrea, Tyler, Anthony, Jack, Andrew, Rebecca and Bethany they were all YouTubers and my best friends

There was also Zoe aka Zoella but she was in England but we had her on Skype call so she was sort of also there

''Well I asked you guys all to come because I am done hiding this from you and you guys deserve the truth...'' I said

''Is everything okay?'' Bethany asked she is such a sweetheart she always cares for other people their feeling

''No nothing is okay my life is a mess right now I am gonna tell you guys the real reason why I left for Los Angeles it was not because of YouTube well I was planning on coming either ways but if I was I wouldn't be here in the next year or so maybe like when in 3 years if I didn't'' I said

Everyone was now waiting patiently waiting until I began my story

''Well in New York I had a few friends called Stella, Ariana and Robin they were all my best girl friend same with Holley we were like a group they were never in one of my video's because they didn't want to and I respected that so my family on the internet didn't really know I was friends with them'' I said taking another deep breath

''Take your time it's okay'' Tyler said making me feel better I nodded and gave him a weak smile

''Well you guys know I used to date Beau and after we broke up I dated Connor'' I said earning some yeah's and uhuh's from them

''Well one day I was in New York walking down the street when Connor pulled me in a alleyway I didn't know he was gonna be in New York or anything'' I said taking another deep breath

''Well I broke up with him 1 month before that happened and he was crazy he was like 'take me back I am lost without you' and he had puffy and red eyes and he was just acting so weird something was wrong''

''I said to him ''Connor accept the fact we are over I am sorry but I wasn't in love with you anymore'' I said

''He then went on and on about how his life was hell after I left since you guys know he quoted O2L of because something happened in his life well that was because of our break up'' I explained and then everyone understood why he quoted O2L

''Well then he said ''If I can't have you no one can'' And he dragged me further into the alleyway where I saw... Where I...'' I then started to cry 

''She saw Stella, Ariana and Robbin tied up and she started to scream but it was late at night and no one heard her'' Holley said for me she had also tears in her eyes while I cried in her stomach well she held my head

''I can finish the story'' I said

''You sure?'' Holley asked

''Yeah yeah it's fine'' I said whipping some tears away everyone sat there with worried looks and Bethany and Zoe had their hands in front of their mouths

''He then grabbed a knife from his pocket and started to...'' I said with a pause almost crying again but I held it back

''He then started to stab them and stab them he was a lunatic'' I then ran away and he ran after me with the knife in his hand but I escaped luckily'' I said

''But if you guys were a group of 5 and only 3 got you know... killed... Why wasn't Holley there?'' Jack asked

''I was with my family visiting my grand parents in D.C'' She explained

''But the thing is after he was done with college since in that period of time he was still in college he moved to LA and I didn't know that I unsubscribed from the O2L channel since I didn't wanna do anything with him anymore but fans tweeted me asking me what my opinion was on Connor leaving O2L So that's when I knew it was because of our relationship and since then I knew he was in LA'' I said

''So I saw him in the coffee shop 2 and that's why I dropped my coffee that time Anthony I saw him and I ran to the park where we saw Beau again it is like my history is trying to bite me in the ass'' I said with a small smile but not a happy one...

''Thank you guys for hearing me out and please I am begging you as my best friend Do. Not. Tell. Anyone. I know you guys are close with the O2L boys especially you Rebecca since Ricky is your best friend but please do not tell anyone this is between us'' I said and they all said of course were here for you and such things

''But why didn't you go to the cobs?'' Jenn asked me

''He said he will send 'people' after me and kill me so if I do I would be killed'' I said and they all nodded

''It's okay come here'' Anthony said and I hugged everyone and they told me it's alright and then they left I continued to talk a little bit with Zoey and Holley on Skype but after 30 minutes she had to go since some friends were visiting


''You know that was really brave what you did there'' Holley said hugging me

''Thank you well I am happy no one will turn on me like Connor said in my dream'' I said to her

''They won't'' Holley said

Little did I know how wrong I was...


So yeah sorry for the long wait you guys hope you aren't mad :))))))))

So yeah her story is OUT! So yeah what do you guys think???

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