Can't Run

''You can't run from everything Carter'' He whispered to me slowly walking past me leaving me there wide eyed alone in the coffee shop with my coffee that was now on the ground. cover made by: exquisiteharry (thank you so much)


7. **Chaper three**



Can't run


I finally stopped at this little park no one was there except for a couple who walked past me hand in hand, I vommited in my thoughts. Before you know it it's over because the boy will eventually cheat on you and then... Dammit Carter stop it!

author:(Okay real quick when I finished writing this part Connor tweeted: ''The best thing to hold onto in life is each other-Audrey Hepburn'' And he's in this story and the part I just wrote AAAHH! And what is also scary Audrey Hepburn in my background with a quote XD)


''Carter?'' I heard someone say from behind me when I turned around my eyes became wide for like the 100th time today

''Beau...?'' I asked him he was standing there with a mixed emotion that I didn't quite know was he happy or as shocked as I was?

''What are you doing here?'' He asked me

''I have to go'' I said quickly standing up but he grabbed my arm

''Please don't I just got you back and...'' He said WAIT what!? Just got me back pff... Not even in your wildest dreams

''Just got you back!?'' I screamed at him he just stood there shocked

''I am not and never be yours again so let go of me'' I said through my teeth and he did and after that I called Holley and asked if she could pick me up

''Holley I will explain everything in the car now please pick me up I told you where I am'' I said through the phone

''Okay but me and Anthony are freaking out'' Holley said and I hung up

I was now standing on the side of the road next to the little park and didn't know if Beau left or not should I look and check or...?

''Please talk to me'' I heard him say from behind me

Never mind he was still here 

''Nope'' I said

''Please we can work it our Carter I love you and I know you still love me'' He said

''Love is a big word that doesn't fit this situation'' I said as calm as possible which was pretty hard I wanted to scream at him again

''Please let me make it up to you to save our relationship'' He said now begging me

''There is no and there is never gonna me a us'' I said to him at that time Holley pulled up wow good timing

''Bye Beau'' I said and stepped into the car he just looked at the ground and mumbled a little bye which I barely heard


''Was that Beau!?'' Holley asked me as soon as I closed the door and she drove off

''Yes...'' I said sighing 

''As in ex Beau'' Holley asked again she was as surprised as I was when I saw him

I didn't know he moved to LA I thought he still lived in Australia to be honest I guess he moved is he alone or are his brothers and friends with him? Of course they are now stop thinking about him!

''Wait hold up hold up...'' Anthony said ''You dated Beau Brooks?'' He asked

''Yeah I did before I moved to LA basically after we broke up I moved here with Holley'' I explained

​''What happened?'' He asked me again ''I understand if you don't wanna talk about it now'' He said after that... He was really sweet but if he wanted to know something he wanted to know EVERYTHING not that it's a bad things it's actually good he should actually work for the cops as one of those people that ask the suspects question he would as Anthony would say 'Slaaaaaaay' At that 

​''Well he and his friends visited New York one time like 8 months ago we dated for 2 but it was just a vacation so we had a long distance relationship and then I went to visit him and he didn't know I would come it would be a surprise his brothers helped me sneak into the house, and when he came home he was kissing a girl by the front door and after that I ran past them Beau chasing after me but I lost him got a flight back home immediately and yeah then I was back in New York with a broken heart'' I said finishing the story

''Are you trying to get away from him was he the guy you saw in the cafe?'' Anthony asked

''Okay leave her alone now she's still pretty shocked so am I more question later on'' Holley said thank god I really didn't wanna talk about all this now 

''Okay okay can you drop me off at the hotel I am still gonna meet up with some people in a couple hours'' Anthony said and Holley nodded


''Okay now I want ben and j's and crawl in the blankets with my netflix'' I said as soon as we got home

''I have a better idea'' Holley said smirking

''What?'' I asked her smirking back 

​''Let's collar in our pi's eat ben and j's and then answer twitter questions or do a live stream then we don't need to record the video and it's less work'' Holley said and that actually a pretty good idea

​''Yeah let's do a livestream'' I said and so we did


''Okay so now were gonna do some twitter questions since you guys comment way to fast on here and I can't read it'' Holley said and I started laughing

''She's just too lazy to read so she's gonna make me read all the twitter questions'' I said and I know it was true HA!

''True true... But you're as lazy as I am maybe even lazier

''That my friend is true'' I said ''Okay now twitter questions!!!'' I screamed tossing my spoon and I guess it came in Holley her face

''Omg! I am sorry'' I said laughing 

''I see that'' Holley said and now we were both laughing our ass off

''Okay okay'' I said getting up

''Go on twitter!!'' Holley said

''Yeah yeah and don't forget the use the #CarterAndHolley because I will be on the hashtag'' I said

''Okay first question from @trulylovexo: Who is you're celebrity crush? #CarterAndHolley''

''Good question well I have waaaay too many but ahm...'' I said

''Harry Styles your celebrity crush is HARRY STYLES, she doesn't shut up about him I swear!'' Holley said

''Shut up you never shut up about Zac Efron or James Franco either!'' I said back at her

''Yeah but people can relate...'' She said

''Okay everyone spam Holley with Harry is hot to prove how many people are Harry girls'' I said smirking

''Yeah like 10 probably'' You're gonna count all of the mention with Harry is hot at the end and if it's over... 1000 You're gonna scream Harry is hot out of the window and the best thing is he is in LA so he might hear it!'' I said

''He's never gonna hear it if you win'' She said

''Yeah okay but what if!'' I said and we both started to laugh again

''Okay answer some more question we only answered one and we got distracted again'' Holley said

''Right right okay next question is from @Sarah_xx: What would you do if you were a guy for one day? #CarterAndHolley'' I said out loud

''Wait I have a question'' Holley said

''Yes...?'' I said

''Why is it Carter and Holley and not Holley and Carter because clearly I am better'' Holley said

''No your not'' I said laughing at her

''But okay I will probably check how big the D is'' Holley said

''You my sister is right!'' I said ''And I would act like the biggest dush ever'' I said

''Omg yes we can pick up girls together'' Holley said

''YAAAS'' I said and we both started the laugh again

''@weirdo34: Are they always like this XD? haha #CarterAndHolley'' Yes yes we are'' I said

We continued answering some more question and then it was time to stop

''Okay well now it's time to see how many of you tweeted Holley Harry is hot'' I said smirking

''Omg can you drop it!?'' Holley asked laughing

''Pff No...'' I said

''Okay I am scrolling through them and someone here is saying that there are 4800 mentions'' I said ''Shout out to Lisa Weven for saying that'' I said quickly after that

''Holy shit 4800 harry girl here giiiiiirl....'' Holley said

''Yeees!! That means you have to scream it'' I said cheering ''Wait let me grab my camera this is gonna be on my vlog channel''

I grabbed my camera and started recording

''Okay if you watched the lifestream that is still going on say hiiiii'' I said zooming the camera in on the laptop scream

''Then you know what Holley is about to do but if you didn't Holley thought there weren't a lot of Harry girls and you guys know I love him and if she got more than 1000 mentions saying Harry is hot then she would scream it out of the window and there were 4800! Oh and btw maybe he hears it he's in LA'' I said looking at Holley who was standing by the window

''He won't but okay let's get over this...'' Holley said and so she did


I started to laugh so hard at the way she did it

''Go on scream some more'' I said to here


''OMG!'' I screamed laughing and rolling on the floor Holley started to record me and I  flipped her off she made a kiss face at me

''But okay you guys bye for now'' I said stopping the camera with recording

''And also we will see you guys an other time'' Holley said

''BYE!'' We said in unison 

''That was fun'' Holley said

''Yes it was can't believe 4800 mention tho'' I said

''I know holy'' Holley said after that we started to clean up


''Harry tweeted something!'' I screamed

''Do you get his tweets send to your phone?'' She asked

''Yeah I do okaaaaay'' I said

''What does it say?'' She asked me

''It says...'' As I read it my mouth hung open

''What is it?'' Holley asked me and I gave her my phone 

Her mouth also went wide

''@Harry_Styles: So now I am a burger at mcdonalds?'' ''


''Look through the mentions'' Holley screamed before I noticed I saw that a lot of fans tweeted me Harry and Holley saying that it was Holley that said that and explained what happened holy!

''HARRY NOTICED US!!!'' I screamed and we both started to jump around

''Wait no jumping the neighbors will complain'' Said Holley

''Shit your right' I said back stopping

''But omg he did!'' Holley said

''I know but I am gonna sleep I am kind of tired'' I said

''I thought you would have been wide awake after this'' Holley said

''Thought the same but I guess not?'' I said laughing a little

''Well I am!'' Holley screamed

''Look who's fangirling now'' I said smirking

''Ah Duh Harry Freaking Styles'' She said

''Well Okay haha night'' I said

''Night'' She said


Sorry had to bring 1D into this chapter I couldn't leave it XD hahaha


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