Like a Girl

"She hits like a girl. She runs like a girl. She throws like a girl." Maybe she does these things 'like a girl' because she is a girl. Can gender stereotypes be overcome when a girl joins the senior boys basketball team? Or will their season and dreams come crashing to an end before they start.


6. Never Have I Ever

When the girls got to Coach Adams’ house there was already a large crowd milling in his backyard. His modest farm house was perfect for hosting parties as it had a large porch and spread out into a grassy field complete with tire swings, a pond and bonfire. Coach had supplied the guests with an open bar and a large array of finger foods.


Everyone turned to the backdoor of the house where Coach Adams was standing. He grinned sheepishly, “Sorry every” He said in a loud voice that carried, “Habit.” He clapped his hands together, “Just to start off thank you all for coming out tonight, it’s nice to have parents and children together outside of the gym. This is a night to relax and unwind, not a time to talk college ball or anything related to basketball” Adams sent a look at David’s father, “And secondly, thank you to the parent chaperones who volunteered to come with us to the away tournament next weekend. I’m expecting the both teams to grab the number one spot in their competitions! Now have a good night and let’s have a great season!”

After Coach’s speech the parents milled around the bar and the porch while the teenagers moved down the backyard to the pond and bonfire that was already roaring.

“Hey boys” Jack said as he edged his way into the small group of seniors in a huddle a few feet away from the fire. He reached in his suit jacket pocket and pulled out a flask. “The only reason I’m wearing this damn jacket” He said with a smirk. All of the other guys were just wearing dress shirts and black dress pants. Most had untucked their shirts by now after getting away from their parents.

“Atta boy” Brock said enthusiastically. He took a large swig and then passed it back to Jack. Jason took a small sip and offered it to David who shook his head.

“Awe c’mon Robinson, lighten up” Jack said bumping his shoulder lightly.

David shook his head again, “Nah man, if my dad catches me it won’t be pretty”

“Speaking of pretty…” Jack said nodding his head at something in the distance. The rest of the boys turned around and saw three figures walking down towards the bonfire. As they got closer to the light everyone saw that it was Natasha, Lauren and…Devon?? The guys forgot their shock of the group when they saw the girls. The three were a trifecta of beauty, each in a different style of dress of a different colour but it seemed to work. Natasha’s red sweetheart style dress showed off her…assets up top, Lauren’s pink chiffon shimmered in the light; she seemed to glow. And then the guys looked at Devon. She was wearing a simple black halter dress but had curled her hair so it flowed in wavy blonde tresses and had put on red lipstick.

“Hellooo ladies” Jack said welcoming them to the group and offered them the flask.

“Thanks Jack” Lauren said taking the flask with a quick glance towards David.

“Wow Cuz you really clean up nice” Brock commented going up to Devon.

She smiled, her eyes flashing slightly, “Thanks Keller, you as well” He offered the flask to Devon and she shook her head, “I’m good thanks, the girls and I had a few shots before we left” Her eyes trailed to Natasha, “…some more than others”

Jason’s eyes quickly turned to Natasha, he knew what happened when she drank too much. Natasha came up beside him and draped an arm around his shoulder, “You’re looking very nice tonight Jase, much better than that lame basketball sweater you always wear” She made a grab for the flask but Jason held her away. 

Jason grimaced and removed her arm, “C’mon Tash, time to stop drinking”

Natasha’s eyes, unfocused and wild, widened and she extended her arms, “Stop? This isn’t a party yet!” She clapped her hands together, “Alright everyone we’re going to play a game!”

Both teams; cheerleaders and basketball players congregated around Natasha. Some of the guys from the team brought out their stash of alcohol they had hid in Coach’s wood pile when they made the bonfire. Soon everyone had a beer or a cup with alcohol in it. David and Devon took theirs willingly but planned not to drink anything.

“Ok! So this game’s called never have I ever. I’ll say something I’ve never done to someone and they have to drink if they’ve done it. Simple right?” Natasha said in the middle of the group. The fire in the background cracked as she started her game.

“Never have I everrr” She drew her words out carefully as she thought, “…kissed Natasha Princeton.” She finished with a sly smile. Everyone looked around as half the basketball team raised their drinks to their lips. Her smiled widened when she saw Jason take a drink. Natasha pointed at Jason, “You’re turn”

Jason looked up at the stars then laughed, “Never have I ever hit on my cousin”

The group all laughed as Brock took a sip of his drink and Devon groaned and put a hand to her forehead.

Brock gave Jason the one-finger salute and then said, “Never have I ever, NOT been in a relationship”

A chorus of “ooooh”’s went up in the crowd at the personal dig at David. David’s brow furrowed until Devon walked up to him and held up her cup.

“Cheers bud” She said winking at him.

“You never had a boyfriend Devon?” Lauren asked in shock.

Devon shrugged, “Nah, never found the right guy I guess.”

Natasha nodded towards Devon, “You’re not a lesbian are you?”

“No Natasha, I’m not a lesbian… but if I was, would you have a problem with that?” Devon asked Natasha, crossing her arms and staring her down.

The group watched the two girls very carefully; Natasha usually didn’t react well to people challenging her.

The cheerleader stared at Devon for a few moments before asking, “So if you aren’t a lesbian you’d be down to kiss any guy here?” She said pointing at the boys around the group.

“I’m not just going to kiss someone because it will prove I’m not a lesbian” Devon said sternly, “It’s 2014, not 1914”

Natasha shrugged, “Fine, you’re a lesbian then” She looked back at her squad to make sure they were backing her up. They all were nodding in agreement.

Devon rolled her eyes, “Whatever Natasha”

“*cough- Lesbian- cough*” Natasha fake coughed behind her hand.

“C’mon Natasha what is this, 4th grade?” Jake said behind Devon.

“Yeah, had enough to drink there Tash?” Brock added, “Lay off”

Natasha spun around to face her squad, mis-stepping slightly and lurched towards the fire. Devon, who was the closest, grabbed Natasha’s arm and steered her away from the flames.

“Get your disgusting lesbo hands off of me!” Natasha screeched ripping her arms away from Devon’s hand. Devon took a step back and help her hands up.

“That was completely uncalled for Tash” David said.

“That could have been really bad Tash, you need to apologize” Jason added.

Natasha looked at Jason coldly, “You would stand up for her” she spat at Devon. She turned to her squad, “C’mon girls lets go.” The cheerleaders marched away to the other side of the bonfire.

Jack shook his head as they walked away, “Forget about them Dev, wanna play a different drinking game with the guys?”

Devon chugged the rest of her drink and shook her head, “Nah I’m good. I’m going to head home. I’ll see you guys at school Monday” The team watched as she made her way up to the house.

“Man girls suck sometimes,” Brock said shaking his head.

“Not all girls…Just Natasha” Jason corrected.

“Forget them,” Jack said raising his cup, “To a great year boys!”

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