Like a Girl

"She hits like a girl. She runs like a girl. She throws like a girl." Maybe she does these things 'like a girl' because she is a girl. Can gender stereotypes be overcome when a girl joins the senior boys basketball team? Or will their season and dreams come crashing to an end before they start.


2. First Practice

“Yo Jason, when did Coach say he’d post the team?” Brock asked as the boys walked out of French class and to the cafeteria for lunch.

“At lunch,” Jason replied. He nudged Brock’s shoulder, “What? Scared you didn’t make it?”

Brock scowled, “Nooo. I just wanted to see the faces of the guys that didn’t and rub it in their faces”

Jason shook his head, “You’re a nightmare Keller, these rookies won’t know what hit them after you get through with them.”

“Let the hazing begin” Brock said rubbing his hands together mischievously. He walked up to the bulletin board outside the main office and looked at the posted basketball roster. After studying it for a few moments he nudged Jason, “Hey, wasn’t that Bedford kid on here last night?”

“Yeah, isn’t he there now?” Jason asked as he leaned in for a closer look.

Brock shook his head, “Nah, he’s replaced by some ‘Devon Peters’.”

“Devon who?” David asked as he joined them looking at the roster, “What’s his position?” Coach Adams posted everyone’s position on the team beside their name.

“Uhhh hmm it says point guard” Brock answered. He looked back at Jason and David, “Where the hell did Coach pull this guy from? I thought I knew all the seniors who play basketball in this school.”

David shrugged his shoulders, “Never heard of him either.”

Jason sighed and hiked up his backpack higher on his shoulder, “Guess we’ll find out at practice. C’mon, let’s go eat in the courtyard.”

When they got outside, the boys joined the rest of their senior teammates at a round table. The squad of cheerleaders sat at the table beside them and within seconds, Natasha Princeton and her best friend and assistant captain Lauren Jennings walked over to Jason and his friends. Natasha and Lauren had been attached at the hip since preschool.

Natasha flipped her chocolate brown hair and batted her eyelashes at the boys, “Can’t you believe its senior year already? I mean, it still feels like we’re sophomores… doesn’t it Jason?”

Jason rolled his eyes to himself, “A lot of things change in two years Natasha. How’s the squad this year?” Jason was courteous to Natasha only because they ran in the same circles but he wished she’d just get over him already. This act was getting real old.

“Oh you know, so-so. I’ll whip them into shape soon enough” Natasha replied winking seductively. It had no effect on Jason but Brock just lapped it up.

“You have a fine looking squad this year Tash” He said eagerly. Brock nodded at Lauren who stood beside Natasha, “Especially you, beautiful”

Lauren rolled her hazel eyes and flipped her auburn hair from her face, “Tash, we should really be getting back now.” Natasha nodded and gave Jason another look. Lauren seemed to look unimpressed but when no one was looking, she gave David a secret wink.

After they left David shook his head, “Women. Ignore her Jason; I heard she dated a college guy over the summer. She’s over you but old habits die hard.”

Jason nodded and crumpled a piece of trash in his hand into a ball, “Yeah I know. I’m just sick of the girls here, they all act the same; old news.” He threw his ball of trash at the nearest trash bin and it easily went in.

Suddenly Brock made a low whistle through his teeth and patted Jason’s arm, “Not all old news” he said pointing across the sidewalk.

A girl they’ve never seen before was walking towards them. She wore straight-legged medium wash jeans and a black fitted T-shirt that had UBC (University of British Columbia) in gold and dark blue writing across the chest. She wore silver aviators and her highlighted blonde hair bounced with every step.

Brock let out a loud cat-call whistle as the girl walked past. Even though it was impossible not to have heard it, the girl walked past him without a glance in his direction.

Not used to getting zero reaction Brock sulked, “What a bitch” He said as the team behind him laughed.

That got her attention. The blonde whirled around and walked right up to Brock. As she angrily pushed her aviators from her face and rested them on her head it felt like the whole courtyard was watching.

The girl’s dark blue eyes seemed to flash as she confronted Brock. She held up three fingers to Brock “Three things Casanova” she put down her index, “1. I didn’t respond when you whistled at me because I’m a woman not a dog.” She put down her ring finger, “2. Don’t you dare call a girl a bitch just because she decides not to give you the time of day. Why should she after you insult her? And 3.” She was left holding up her middle finger, “That’s for pissing me off and ruining my first day”

With that, the blonde pulled her aviators down, whirled back around and walked inside the school to the chorus of “Ohhhhh” and “Shittt”‘s came from the basketball table.

“She told you, boy” Jack Smith, the team’s power forward said patting Brock on the back.

“Shut up” Brock replied pushing his hand off.

“Oh c’mon Brock, you had that coming” Jason said jokingly. Brock’s ego needed to be bruised once in a while.

Natasha and her squad walked up to the table. “Who the hell was that?” Lauren asked.

“I don’t know but I’d love to get to know her better” Jack Smith said rubbing his hands excitedly, “Any girl who doesn’t fall for Brock’s pickup lines is a girl worth talking to.” The basketball boys all laughed long with Jack while the girls shifted uncomfortably- they had all fallen for Brock’s lines one time or another.

“Alright, alright, I think Brock’s ego has had enough for the day” Jason said as he got off the table, “Time for Calc. See you boys at practice after school”

As the cheerleaders walked away Lauren laughed to herself.

“What?” Natasha asked.

“Oh nothing, I’m still laughing at what she said,” Lauren replied, “I’m a woman, not a dog; I kind of like that”

Natasha started to shake her head and then stopped and thought, “Actually yeah that’s really good.” She said as a smile crept on her face, “Smart girl. Ballsy, but smart”

David, Jason and Brock walked in silence until they had almost reached the math wing. Suddenly David snickered under his breath.

“What now?” Brock asked impatiently.

David laughed again and flipped Brock the bird, “And that’s for pissing me off” He said mimicking the girl. He and Jason doubled over laughing and ran into the calculus classroom to get away from Brock’s well-aimed punches. 

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