The Paw Academy

What happens when a girl joins something she hates the most?


1. Why I'm here....

A Saturday morning in June. The sun beating down on my face as I stand next to my mother and step-father. My step-father thought it would be a good idea for me to be enrolled into the Paw Academy, I always growled at the idea. The only reason why I agreed to go is because my older brother Josh was currently attending the academy. Josh was very muscular but also very shy, he had dark brown fur with a white belly, the brightest amber eyes i've ever seen. Whenever he looks at you it feels as if he was looking deep into your soul into your darkest secrets. When I was a pup he still had those same eyes and I would always hide from him because of his eyes. But the last thing I wanted to do was to embarrass my own brother. "Pinki!" I was shaken from my thoughts, confused on what was happening "Go on Pinki." my mother nudged me forward with her paw. My step-father placed my bag in front of me and attempted to hug me but I backed away frowning at him. I turned around to nuzzle , I my mother before grabbing my bag. "Stay well dear." She said sadly, I could see tears forming in her eyes. "If you see your brother tell him we said hello and we miss him." I frowned abit at her comment "You mean you miss him, your not trying to get rid of us. But yea, I'll tell him." I snapped as I walked toward the bus or what I thought was the bus. I soon realized I was dragging my bag and threw it over my shoulders, letting one side hang lower than the other. I looked back toward what I thought was a bus. "Is this a bus?" I said to myself as I gazed at it. This bus was different from any bus i've ever seen before. This bus was completely black with a silver outline.

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