The Paw Academy

What happens when a girl joins something she hates the most?


5. Scared?

"Hey!" Rugby shouted toward the black male who stopped and turned around to face him. "What's your problem?" Rugby stepped up to the black male, being the same size as him he didn't show any fear in his yellow eyes. The black male looked at rugby with the expression of not caring of what would happen next. He looks to me and chuckles a bit "Why don't you go ask your little slag?" He looked back to Rugby "The fuck did you just call her?" He growled stepping forward almost touching noses. The male just chuckled a bit, stepping back. "I called her a slag, meaning a whore." His tail flicked abit "Why are you scared?" Rugby had a confused look on his face, looking the black male up and down. The males eyes widened "What? I honestly don't know what you're talking about...I-I'm not scared. Why would I be s-scared?" Rugby sat looking him up and down "Well for starters.....I know from when I shouted 'Hey!' you jumped a little. Second, your neck fur has risen. Third, your eyes widened when you looked at me. And lastly, I can smell it on you." The black male growled launching himself at Rugby, who swiftly stepped to the side dodging his attack. Not expecting to fail the male fell to the ground but quickly stood back up. He quickly threw himself back at Rugby who jumped over him and landed a quick blow to the males side with his hind leg. The male caught off guard didn't respond quick enough and just fell to the ground, skidding across it like a rock skipping across water. The male who now has fur hanging from his shoulder showing where he most slid across the ground.  The male stood up looking at Rugby deeply wanting to claw his eyes out. "Now your not scared, just angry." Rugby turned around looking at me smiling.

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