The Paw Academy

What happens when a girl joins something she hates the most?


3. Rugby, my puphood friend

“Hey, Watch your tail!” I hear a bark coming from inside the bus. “Well excuse me, maybe if you put your bag on the floor like everyone else maybe I’d have some room on the seat.” Two tan males argued. I shook my head at the commotion they were causing, noticing and empty seat in the back I quickly walked to the seat and sat down. As I sat my bag slid off my shoulder and made a silent thump on the leather seat. “Hey there.” A handsome golden brown male looked at me with excitement in his yellow eyes. “This seat taken?” he looked at my bag that laid lazily on the seat. “Uhm, no it’s not.” I picked up my bag by the strap and dropped it gently on the floor. The golden-brown male quickly sat looking at me smiling. I soon took notice “What is it?” I asked looking at him confused. His eyes widened in surprise as if not knowing he was being obvious. “Nothing.” He looked away suddenly embarrassed and I smiled “No, tell me.” I asked nudging him with my paw. He looked at me smiling again “It’s just…your um…you’re really cute.” He chuckled “You look like the girl I had a crush on when we were pups. But she’s gone.” He said finally looking away as if expecting me to laugh or tease him. “Well I’m really flattered.” I said gently resting my paw on his shoulder. “But?” He looked back at me as if to say more “Huh?” He chuckled at my confusion “I…I mean don’t you like me as well?” He asked with a hint of hope in his eyes. “I’m sorry but I don’t.” I lied “I mean you’re cute, but we just met.” I said lifting my paw away “Oh, I guess it was a bit silly to ask so soon.” He looked out the window, I sighed. I start to feel like I’m falling forward and quickly catch myself. The bus comes to a stop and the bus driver stands up looking at all of us. Soon an all tan muscular male steps on looking at the bus driver. They both make eye contact, nodding to each other then the bus driver steps off the bus. The tan male looked to all of us with an unreadable look “I am administrator Hawaii. For the next 3 years, you will be trained to be an officer of this country. Meaning within these three years I expect to see you protecting this country.” He said with a smirk on his face. “Now everyone outside, South Carolina will show you to your rooms.” He stepped off the bus as everyone started to stand up.

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