Is this right?

Ally is left when her mom is away for work for 6 months, luckily her best friend Ryleigh is there living with her! There is crazy adventures with these two teens in one empty house. Everything is all fun, but there is just one problem. She may be crushing on her best friend Cody... Ally has a boyfriend.


10. Graduation

~Ally's POV~

Today was the day. The day I get my freedom, the day I become more of an adult, the day I get to say I did it. Graduation day was today and I woke up to get ready. I curled my hair and did my makeup to perfection. Wow, gotta say I'm going to miss all of the memories. College is next so that will be a new chapter. I put on my black dress underneath my graduation gown. I looked at my phone, shit, it was 8:50! The ceremony was at 9:00 so I was going to have to drive fast.

"Ry come on! Are you ready? Were going to be late!"

"Yeah just give me a sec!" Gosh she is so slow.

"Ok I'm ready"

"Finally! Let's go!" We arrived just in time when everyone was gathering in the gym.

"Ok everyone, line up alphabetical just like we practiced!" We all got lined up and started to chat. The front started to move ahead. My part of the line was moving so we walked out the doors single file. The ceremony was held outside, good thing it was a nice day. There was rows and rows of black chairs in front of the stage. Across the top if the stage was a huge banner saying 'Class of 2014'. We took our seats and started to listen. The principal came on the stage and started to talk, then he introduced the first student speaker.

I spotted Cody a few rows ahead of me. Gosh do I wish he could just turn around, smile, and make me laugh from some face he made. That's what he would've done if it weren't for all of this mess. He doesn't even want to talk to me nor even look at me. But I can't change it so I just turned my attention back to the ceremony.

Many speakers went by and gave their speeches. I looked back to see there was a huge crowd of parents behind the chairs or to the side watching. This was an important day for them too. Watching their kid graduate and grow up... I wish I had my parents here right now...

The front row started to get up and form a line to the side of stage. Their names were called one by one, this was going to be long...

Soon after waiting, my row was up next so we walked to the spot. People were called, got their diploma, and shook hands with many teachers. I didn't even realize I was next until they called my name.

"Ally Johnson"

I shook the principals hand while grabbing the paper, then walked further to shake more teachers hands. I went down the stage steps to go back to my seat. While making my way back, I quickly glanced at Cody. We made slight eye contact, but then it was gone in a split second. It breaks my heart, it really does. I made my way to my seat and sat down. After a few more speeches the principal came to the microphone one last time. He sounded pretty emotional and I almost caught my self too.

"Well, I guess this is it. You all made it through High School! Congratulation to the class of 2014!" Everyone threw their caps into the air with screams and shouts. This was really fun and memorable. I looked up only to see a sky full of black. This moment made me happy and sad to let go of all of the memories. I went to find Sam and gave him one of those cliche graduation kisses. High school was a hell of a time, this year was... Well... Interesting. Lots of things happened. It was a good day, and better yet to come the huge grad party!!!!


Thank you everyone for being so patient! I'm so excited for the next chapter it should be really good! Wow, thank you so much for almost 200 reads! Stay tuned soon for the update. <3

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