Is this right?

Ally is left when her mom is away for work for 6 months, luckily her best friend Ryleigh is there living with her! There is crazy adventures with these two teens in one empty house. Everything is all fun, but there is just one problem. She may be crushing on her best friend Cody... Ally has a boyfriend.


8. Bestfriend?

~Ally's POV~

Weeks went by ignoring Sam. Cody came over a lot to help me deal with this whole thing. I'm glad he's been over, it been great having my best friend by my side in the toughest times. Nothing was awkward anymore, just back to normal again. Though that night still has me wondering. I was home alone today, so I went out to get a few things and went to the bank for some of my monthly money.

*ding dong* I opened the door, only letting out a loud sigh as I saw who it was again.

"Please just go away, I have nothing to say to you"

"Please Ally, some day forgive me and know how much I loved you and still do. This was the stupidest thing I've ever done. I know there is nothing that can make it up for you, but please just give me a chance. Loosing you was the hardest thing...."

"I think you should go Sam" I turned my face away from him, I couldn't look at him. Before I could close the door, he cupped my face and slowly kissed me, but I let it happen. What? Ally, what are you doing! He cheated on you! Thoughts scrambled through my head, but I guess it wasn't working because I continued to let it happen. He walked in and closed the door behind him, never loosing contact with my lips.

"Sam, this may be stupid but I guess I'm willing to forgive/give you a second chance" his face lit up instantly. What are you doing Ally? How can you let it happen?! I guessed I just missed him too much. We sat down and watched a movie and cuddled. I felt uneasy, but if he screws up one more time, then he's done for.

*next day*

Cody will be coming over today to swim with me. I've got to tell him what happened yesterday.


"Hey you"

"You can head to the pool, I'm just gonna get some snacks for us"

"Okay" Minutes later I walked down to the pool, he was already swimming. Stepping into the pool, I joined him.

"Um Cody... I've got to ahh um.... Tell you something"

"Yeah?" I could tell he was concerned by his voice.

"Sam came over yesterday, we talked, and are kinda back together...."

"What?!!! How can you let that happen! He CHEATED ON YOU! Once a cheater, always a cheater. You can't trust him Ally, he's just going to hurt you again!"

"No he won't, I'm giving him a second chance!"

"He doesn't deserve a second chance for what he did to you. And not to mention what he put you through. He's nothing but an asshole for what he did. You can't trust him, you just can't!"

"This isn't your decision!" I was starting to get mad.

"That doesn't matter, you don't know what your putting yourself through. Trust me I know. Sam will hurt you. He's going to do it again, he is a liar!"

"Don't say that"

"Oh but he is, all too well. I'm sorry but people don't just cheat on another person and don't mean it. He was well aware of what he was doing, that doesn't deserve a second chance. You deserve someone so much better to you, and someone who will be LOYAL! Ally I don't want to see you get hurt again, okay? He's no good news."

~Cody's POV~

I couldn't stand this anymore, I got out of the pool and grabbed my clothes. She is being so stupid with all of this. I know Sam can't be trusted, but she doesn't see the things I see. He's going to hurt her again, I know it. I care about her a lot, A LOT! And to see her doing this to her self just breaks me.

"So what you're just going to leave me?!"

"Until you see what I see and what he will do, I don't think this is going to work out."

"Cody..." I walked away and got into my car. No way will I just let this happen and say nothing. I can't stand to see that jerk with Ally who didn't deserve all of this. She doesn't see what she is getting into again...

~Ally's POV~

He left. He just left me... I didn't know he would be this upset. I care about Cody a lot, I can't loose him....

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