The Big House

Geoff is a guard of an old friends Manor. His new mate Pinki is one of the maids. Will they make it out alive when one of the other guards turns bad?


2. Samuels' old fur

Geoff opened his locker to the sight of his vest. He quickly pulled it out with his paw and slid it on and zipped it up. He turned around to see Samuel already staring at him. Samuel was a muscular black male with teal eyes. He used to be completely white until an accident a few years back. 

Samuel, Josh and himself were chasing a 'Peeping tom.' they had been chasing for months. They lost him when he cut a quick corner into a factory. They decided to split up but it wasn't long before he heard multiple heavy paw steps heading up stairs. He ran to follow them his ears alert. Once he got up the stairs he saw two figures wrestling at the top of the stairs. "Stop!" He snarled. One of them pinned the other to the ground  while looking directly at Geoff. The upper figure rested his paw on the bottom figure who Geoff assumed was Samuel. He slowly started to apply pressure to his throat. "Easy asshole." he urged "Naw, I rather have it hard." he snickered before pushing Samuel into the giant bucket below and swiftly jumping onto a pipe above running into a hole, disappearing. Geoff quickly ran to the edge, jumping down to see his friend climbing out of the bucket. He stumbled a bit, coughing out some of the black liquid. He sniffed Samuel chuckling a bit "You won't believe  this when I tell you." Samuel looked up at Geoff scared "What? What is it?" Geoff tried to keep in his laughter "Your fur is black. I think you fell in dye." He burst out laughing "At least least he didn't push you into the pink dye. We'd all call you Samuela." Geoff continued to laugh til his side hurt.

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