The Big House

Geoff is a guard of an old friends Manor. His new mate Pinki is one of the maids. Will they make it out alive when one of the other guards turns bad?


1. As it began

"Pinki, come on we're going to be late!" Geoff shouted up the stairs before walking into the living room. "Come on you two, time to go." he said looking at his two pups play fighting. Brie a small tan pup with blonde hair was pinned by her brother, Gavin a more larger pup with dark brown fur and black hair. They both stopped suddenly looking up at their father. "But papa, I don't wanna go." Brie whined pushing her brother off and sitting, looking up at her father. Gavin walked toward the door and sat waiting for his mother to come down. Geoff walked over to his daughter laying down in front of her. "Why not Brie?" Brie looked out the window nearest to them seeing a blue jay sitting on the perch as it did everyday around this time. She looked back to her father "It's boring. There's never anything to do but sit around and talk, after a while it gets boring." she groaned. Gavin chuckled abit still sitting by the door "Yea, that's the reason." He said under his breath. "Maybe today won't be so bad." He said as he looked at the clock showing it was nine o' clock. "But papa I..." she stopped as her mother walked into the room. "Alright, i'm ready." She stopped looking at her mate in his police uniform "Well don't you look handsome." she smiled at him "Well I am the guard dog." he pointed out looking at the name tag on his chest. "What's that supposed to mean?" She growled with an edge to her voice stepping forward. Geoff sighed, his mate had been on edge for two months now. She didn't tell him but he knew she was pregnant, even though it had begun to become obvious. He urged her to stay home but she refused and kept working as hard as she could. "It's not supposed to mean anything. I just meant, I am a guard dog." he started to stand up "So it does mean something?" he started to growl pinning her ears to her head "I didn't say that." he urged lowering his tail "Just because your a guard dog doesn't make you better than the rest of us." she stepped forward again. He opened his mouth to protest but she interrupted "Come along pups." She walked toward the door followed by her pups. Geoff watched as she did but didn't say a thing, he knew she was just experiencing her hormones and started to walk toward the door. When he got there everyone was outside already "Well today's going to be a good day." He sighed as he walked out the door closing it with his tail.

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