my best friends a vampire

Ari is a normal teen girl. she has a great best friend and he's got her back... or does he? Ari cant help but notice that Resse is acting strange lately. Is it her or could Resse be a vampire?


4. What happened to my best friend?

 I want to know why Resse doesn't like me anymore. I started to figure out how Resse had changed:

1. He wears darker clothes.

2. Only showed up on the first sunless day this year.

3. Doesn't like to be touched/has cool skin.

4. Gave up all contact of friends.

 That looked like enough...for now.  But the list makes no sense. Why would Resse act this way. He was always the exact opposite of all of these. I wish I could just see the old Resse one more time and talk to him like we used to, me laying upside down on the side of his bed, him sitting cris cross on the floor.

 I wanted to go to his house, even if he was going to want to kill me. Oh well. So I did. And you wouldn't believe what happened.


  Authors note: Hello, I hope you enjoyed this short chapter. Is Resse a vampire? Do you have a good character idea? If you do, will I use it? Find out soon....... Comments/ideas down below!

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