my best friends a vampire

Ari is a normal teen girl. she has a great best friend and he's got her back... or does he? Ari cant help but notice that Resse is acting strange lately. Is it her or could Resse be a vampire?


8. The house (more like apartment) of the night

   Well after Resse and my little chat I pretty much misted passed out. When I woke up sunlight was flooding through the window. I quickly pulled the blinds. "I actually ENJOY the sulight in the morning." I jumped hearing the voice and slipped. Resse caught me as I fell. "Ari if I ever knew how clumsy you were I would have lined the house with padding." He laughed. "Thanks Resse. I always rely on you to tell me how clumsy I am." I said sarcastically.  I stood up straight. "Resse?" I asked trying to get his attention. "Yeah?" He asked.  "Do you burn in the sun.... Or do you sparkle?!" I joked. He rolled his eyes. I CAN burn but not often. It's just for protection." Well that answered my question. "Who are your room mates?" He looked out of the corner of his eye. "Other vampires....." He said nervously. "Oh don't talk about us like that Ressie. We are MUTCH more than that." I turned to see a girl with brown hair down to her butt. She had bright eyes and a smile that would melt any boys heart. "Well, Ari seems you just met the first one." He said in a dreadful voice. "Hi Ari! My names Rose." She said. She hugged me. "Oh you do smell good." She got up off Resse's bed and gracefully made her way out. I smiled. "Do you have any other room mates... Ressie." I giggled. "Actually yes." He took my hand. I felt a static shock when he did. 

    The living room was kind of dark. Resse told me to sit down on the couch. I saw Rose sitting on the bar island thing in the kitchen. "Hi again." She said waving. "Hi." Resse then came out, followed by two others. "Ari this is Kristy." He said gesturing to a girl with short purple hair. You could see a bit of blonde at her roots. She was giving me a sour look. "So this is the human you almost killed Chase over? She really isn't much." She said looking me up and down laughing. "And this," Resse said, ignoring Kristy. "Is the big meat sack who tried  to kill you." Chase smiled darkly. "Hello little Ari." I pulled away. "Chase stop freaking our guest out." Rose walked up to him and I could see she was a few inches shorter than everyone else. "Alright... Shorty." He persisted. Rose punched his chest and sent him flying.  Rose walked away confidently. She returned to her spot on the bar. Chase got up and went over to Kristy. "I swear I'm the most mature one here." Resse muttered. I looked at a clock. 8:30! I should be at school. "Well it's nice to meet you all, but I have to be at school." I reached the door and Chase was in front of it. "Sorry sweet heart but ya can't leave, YOU can never leave!" He joked. "What?" Resse steadied me. "You just know to much." I began to feel tears prick my eyes.


          "Your a very strange girl Ari. Very strange indeed."

                                                     - Resse Black

    Authors note: hope you enjoyed. Thx Tricky M. B. You know what to do.

                <3 Ferretsrock982


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