my best friends a vampire

Ari is a normal teen girl. she has a great best friend and he's got her back... or does he? Ari cant help but notice that Resse is acting strange lately. Is it her or could Resse be a vampire?


9. The dark of night


Ari's finally asleep. She spent the whole day locked in my room crying. I let her pass out in my room tonight. I asked Rose, who's a master planner at anything, to help me with a surprise for Ari. I'm going hunting with Chase tonight so I won't be tempted to hurt Ari. Chase prefers humans but I like animals. He says humans make his powers strong, whatever his powers are. I gave up humans because I believe in protecting them, they're not just a food source.

I went home after a few bears. Rose was asleep on the sofa, the tv on the DIY channel. Kristy was in her room. Ari still in my room asleep. She was talking. The nights where I stayed over to watch movies at her house, she would often fall asleep and talk. "Resse." I turned and saw she was still asleep. I smirked. I heard Chase come in and go in to his Marvel themed room. I laughed. I heard he used to want to be a super hero. I went to get Rose off the sofa. She went to her room after a moment of whining. I sat down and saw Chase come out of his room. He was sneaking over to my room. I followed him. Just as he put his hand on the knob I scared him, "What do you think you're doing?" He looked like a deer In head lights. "Um,I." I touched his arm and heard his thoughts. "Okay let me tell you this ONE more time. Ari is NOT food." Chase had a thick scull plus he was still hungry. He ran pass me and into his room. "Sorry dude. Sorry Ari." I heard him whisper. I could tell he was fighting hunger. Ari's blood was mouth watering. Especially to me, for whatever reason. I went back to sit on the sofa. I knew I wasn't going to get any sleep tonight.


   Authors note: my fist POV besides Ari's. I hope you enjoyed. Please leave character and regular ideas below. I do need some werewolf characters...

           <3 Ferretsrock982

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