my best friends a vampire

Ari is a normal teen girl. she has a great best friend and he's got her back... or does he? Ari cant help but notice that Resse is acting strange lately. Is it her or could Resse be a vampire?


12. The beginning of the battle

                                                       (Ari's POV)

   Vampires. Why do they underestimate humans? Rose was left with me. "Ari stop fidgeting." Rose said with out looking up. "I need to get the energy out." I flinched. "Then get it out." I really width I had my fencing swords. I pretended to fence with a stick. "You getting your energy our?" Rose called. "It would be more fun with a partner." I called back. She stood up and came over. With a stick she fenced against me. "How are you doing so well?" I asked. "Physic, remember."


                                                     (Resse's POV)

   Dozens of wolves lined the other side of the field. All I could think about was Ari. She actually kissed me! I had never felt this way about Ari. She used to be my best friend, now she was so much more. I was doing this for her. One of the wolves formed into a human. "Are you sure you won't just give us the human." "Have her." Kristy said. I ignored her. "Never." I growled. "So we shall fight." Chase was in a pouncing position. "I'm ready whenever you are dude." And the battle commenced. 


                                              (Kristy's POV)

   "I can't believe I'm doing this for that dumb human girl."I mumbled. I was running towards wolves. I slammed into one and knocked out a few teeth. Resse and Chase were killing it. I turned back. 'I'm only doing this for my home' I though.  A few dead wolves later I heard a scream. Chase was pinned under a wolf. I was over there and the wolf was off him in seconds. Then I saw a wolf coming towards me.


                                            (Ari's POV)

   Rose's eyes glazed. I jumped to help her. "Kristy! KRISTY!" She screamed. "Rose wake up." I shook her hard. "Ari we have to go!" I was on her back and we were heading towards the battle in seconds. When we got there, well it was a nightmare. Chase had been pinned and Kristy was heading to help him. Resse was killing wolves left and right. There was a protective rage in his eyes I'd only seen once. Rose was heading to help Kristy. But a wolf was heading right towards Kristy and it was about to pounce...


      "I began to black out and and the world went by in flashes. I slid down the wall and the last things I saw were Resse letting go of Chase and running over to me and talking, though I couldn't hear him. And it was all gone."

                                    - Arianna "Ari" Beck

  Authors note: oh, cliff hanger duh duh duh! What's gonna happen next. U can help me decide. U know what to do. Do it!

                               <3 Ferretsrock982


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