my best friends a vampire

Ari is a normal teen girl. she has a great best friend and he's got her back... or does he? Ari cant help but notice that Resse is acting strange lately. Is it her or could Resse be a vampire?


11. An unexpected (and upcoming) war

                                                   (Ari's POV)

 I look at them wide eyed. "What are you talking about." Resse was gone by the time I said "about". He was in his room. "Rose get everyone else packing!" He yelled from his room. Rose ran to each room and spoke very rapidly. I sat on the couch, bewildered. Everyone was moving around very fast. It was like the whole world was in fast forward. The only way I could tell everyone apart was by they're hair and clothes. My mind stirred. I sat on the couch with a blank stare on my face. "Ari. ARI!" I blinked. Resse stood above me with a scared look on his face. His eyes shined and I realized how nice they were. Chocolate brown, a nice color. "Ari!" I shook my head. "Wow! Um yeah?" I said. He picked me up. "Woah! Resse what are you doing?" I asked. "Covering your sent." We were out the door and in a car in seconds. Resse was in the front, I was in the passenger, Rose back right, Kristy back left, and Chase middle back. "Resse what's going on?" I asked, panicky. " Rose, how far away are they?" He asked, his voice shaky. "Um.... Ten miles, but they're traveling fast." I was getting fed up. "Will someone please tell me what going on!?" I screamed. "Werewolf's are invading our area. They heard we were holding a human and are planning to kill us." He said bitterly. "They say they're doing this to protect you but they plan to kill you." He laughed like a crazed man. I noticed we were traveling a hundred miles per hour. "Resse slow down." I said. He gave me a crazed look and I shut up.

 Later that night we were in a field. Three tents were put up and we were around a campfire. All but Resse had gone hunting. I leaned against his chest like we used to. "Resse will everything be okay?" He shook his head. "I don't know." He looked down at me with his kind eyes. And I felt my heart skip a beat.


                                       (Resse's POV)

 Ari looked at me. Her warm skin felt good on mine. The ocean blueness of her eyes made me melt. What was it about Ari? She was always a very attractive girl but it didn't madder till now. "Resse?" "Yeah?" I asked. How did you become a vampire?" I flinched. "The same way you almost did. Rose wouldn't let Chase kill me." I didn't go into it anymore. "Her face looked longing. "Resse in what circumstance would I....become a... Vampire?" I stiffened. "If your dying and theres no hope." I answered bitterly. "Okay." I wanted to try something but I wouldn't. A vampires cold kiss would freak her out. "Resse! They're. Coming!" Rose screamed. I got up and was ready to run. "Resse?" I turned to Ari. She stood on tiptoe and kissed me. "Good luck!" But I was already running.


 "Cold skin, only shows up on cloudy days, I'd have to say... Vampire."

                                                                                        - Arianna "Ari" Beck


  Authors note: Oh! Werewolf fight and a kiss. I hope you enjoyed. Please put your ideas in the comments. Peace, love, and ferrets!

                                           <3 Ferretsrock982         

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