Cutting Hurts Babe

Book 1
Isabella used to be the most happiest girl ever until she started to get picked on by everybody about her self harming and having an eating disorder. Everybody makes fun of her so she starts to get bad depression and self harm. What happens when Harry, his friends, Isabella's friends, and her older sister try and help her. will it be too late?

Cover by: Qveendom
Trailer by: .δεπιαll.☹.☹

© Copyright 2014 HarrehXOXOStyles. All rights reserved


28. Welcome to the family Part 2

Harry Pov

As I was driving I reached over and grabbed her hand. Surprisingly, she didn’t reject my hand. She just smiled and looked out the window. When I pulled into the driveway I get out the car to help Belle out. She looked so nervous like she could throw up at any moment now. I had stopped and grabbed her wrist pulling her back.

“What’s the matter” I asked sensing that she is nervous.

“Nothing, just scared”

“Scared of what love?”

“That your mum and your sister won’t like me”

“You met her at the meeting with management, and Gem will love you”

“I know I did it’s just I didn’t fully meet her, and that’s not how I wanted to make a first impression by meeting her with management”

“Your ok babe breathe” I said pulling her in for a hug

When she’s calmed down, I walk up and see my mum smiling at me and Belle. She looks at her and hugs her. I smile at the thought about my mum liking Belle. I know it’s hard for Belle to be happy with meeting my mum because she feels like she messed up with management. I know that mum will love her.

Isabella Pov

“OMG look at you Harry!” Says a girl with blonde hair

I looked at both her and Harry noticing their features they both share. I smile at the site of them hugging. Harry pulls away and links his hand with mine. The girl with blonde hair looks at us and her smile widens.

“You must be Isabella” She says smiles at me

“Yes, I’m Isabella, but please call me Belle!”

“It’s nice to meet you Belle. I’m Gemma, Harry’s older sister “

“That explains why you both look like each other. It’s kinda cute that he resembles you” I say

“We get that a lot” She says chuckling

Harry and I both sit down on the sofa. Before, I sit down Anne wraps me into a tight hug. I smile at her. I didn’t think that she would of gave me a hug. I give Robin a hug before joining him.

“Mum, the lads and Simon is coming over for dinner, because they invited me to dinner, but we already planned to have dinner a while back. Is that fine”

“Yeah sure” Anne said looking at her son with big smiles

“Thanks!” Harry says smiling

“Welcome honey”

I smile at the sight of him and his mum. He’s such a softy when it comes to her and Gemma. I love the way he’s over protective.  

“Belle, do you want to help me with setting the table?”

“Yeah sure” I smile at Anne

I walk into the kitchen finding Gemma sitting on the bar. She smile as soon as she see’s me. I smile at her before getting the plates and setting them on the table. I next grab the silverware and wine glasses. After everything is set. I get extra chairs.

“I can tell that Harry loves you. I remember the first time he laid eyes on you. I wasn’t there, but when he came to visit that weekend, he couldn’t stop talking about you.” Gemma says

I just blush before Gemma continues.

“You really are important to him. I love how happy he is. Me and mum hated the other girls that he dated. I love Harry because he’s my brother, but I didn’t like the old him. I love how he found somebody who’s interesting and outgoing.”

“You know he talks about you guys too”

Both Gemma and Anne smile at me. We went back to setting the table. As I was helping with the pasta I felt a pair of arms around my waist. I smile before turning around. Gemma smirks at me before grabbing some cookie dough. Before I kiss him Gemma smashes cookie dough in his face. I duck so I don’t get hit. Me and Gemma starts laughing at each other. Harry pouts at me and I walk up to him. I go to kiss him, but instead of him kissing me he smears cookie dough all over my face. Gemma is the only person who’s laughing. Me and Harry give each the look and we immediately tackled her on the ground while putting cookie dough all over her face. As we all laugh the door creaks open.

“What happened in here?” Anne says looking down at all three of us

“Having some fun with cookie dough” Gemma says

“Go get cleaned up, the lads and Simon are on their way soon”

As we all walked away, Anne started laughing at us. I had cookie dough all stuck in my hair and on my face. Luckily, it didn’t hit my dress. Once, me and Harry get upstairs we go into his room, into the bathroom. I take my cardigan off and began to wipe my face off. After, my face was all cleaned I took my hair down out of the bun I had it in recently.

“I love watching you smile” he says

“I love smiling because of you” I reach up and kiss his nose

After, my hair is all washed, I go and sit on his bed waiting for him to come out. I lay back on his bed closing my eyes. I’m so exhausted from working and playing. I just want a nice warm bath and then sleep. Before I get the chance to fall asleep. Harry rubs my back walking me up.

“Babe, ready to eat?”

“Yeah” I say sleepily

He grabs my hand walking down the stairs. Harry goes and answers the door. Before I get to the kitchen I let go of Harry’s hand and sit down. I take deep breaths as I try to catch my breath. I start coughing heavily and I suddenly, I feel like i’m suffocating.  I point to my tranquilizer, that’s in my purse. Gemma sees me struggling and I start to shake and cry.

Harry Pov

When me and Belle were coming down the stairs, the bell rung. I let go of her hand as she wanders off to the kitchen. I open the door to see 5 cheeky smiles including Simon, his wife, and son. I pull each of them in for a hug. I lead them through the foyer. Before I can finish what i’m saying I see Belle shaking and crying. I run over to her picking her up in my arms.

“Gem, can you grab belle’s purse” I say rushing.

I go through her purse finding her tranquilizer in the bottom. I stick it in her leg. She relaxes a little. All you could hear were her whimpers. I wipe her tears and kiss her forehead. I pick her up bridal style, laying her on the couch. I go and grab her some water and an aspirin.

Mum, Robin, Gem, and the lads all ask if she’s ok. I just nod and walk into the living room to see her sitting up and smiling.

“You ok love?”

“Yeah” she whispers

“You scared me and Gem”

“I’m sorry”

“No need to be sorry love”

She leans her head on my shoulder and smiles up at me. I just smile back at her and we sit in silence until mum comes in the room.

“How you feeling honey?” She asks Belle

“I’m fine” She replies

“Dinner is ready” Mum says grabbing ahold of Belle’s hand.

I tag along. Once we get to the kitchen I introduce Belle to everybody. The all say hi and we sit down. I sit next to Belle, and Gem sits next to me. As we eat we make small talk except for Zayn. He looks scared and lost. He looks up at me with a small smile. I offer him one back. Simon clears his throat before speaking.

“The reason why i’m here is because of Zayn. He has to talk to you, but he couldn’t do it alone”

The four of us look at Zayn and Simon. I look at Zayn again before looking at Simon.

“We have been friends for 4 years. This doesn’t change anything. I will always look as you as my brothers. These 4 years have been amazing. So many amazing people that I have met, and the fans! Wow there’s so much emotion with the fans. It’s so hard walking away from them after this long, but I want a normal life. I love the fans and my life, but I want to live normal again. It’s going to tear them up as much as it tears you apart. I’m so sorry lads” He gets up and walks out.

All of the smiles plastered on our faces faded. It hurts that he’s leaving. I’m more worried about how the lads and I will take it then the fans. I love the fans, but this is a personal issue. It comes down to how me, Niall, Louis, and Liam to fix what’s been broken. Yeah we can carry on Zayn’s spot, but it’s hard losing someone you’ve grown so attached to.  I get up and go after him.

Once I go outside I sit beside him. The cold air hits my face as we sit there in silence.  

“Look, I know that you probably think that me and the lads are going to treat you different, but were not. We’ve loved you since day one and it’ll stay that way. You left because of all the weight. I get it. There are times when I want to quit, but I have to remind myself that anybody could easily throw their dream away. I’m not done dreaming yet. I will always remember the times, and I will cherish them, nobody can take your spot.” I say to him

I hug him as he wipes his tears. The rest of the lads come out and hug him. We sit like this until we eventually get cold. We walk back inside laughing and smiling. Simon smile at us before talking to his wife. It get’s pretty late. Me and Belle decide that it’s time to leave since she has work in the morning. We say our goodbyes to everybody before leaving. Once we get back to the flat me and Belle get changed and go to bed.

“Goodnight belle” I say smiling at her sleepiness

“Goodnight harry” She smile back at me before falling asleep  

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