Cutting Hurts Babe

Book 1
Isabella used to be the most happiest girl ever until she started to get picked on by everybody about her self harming and having an eating disorder. Everybody makes fun of her so she starts to get bad depression and self harm. What happens when Harry, his friends, Isabella's friends, and her older sister try and help her. will it be too late?

Cover by: Qveendom
Trailer by: .δεπιαll.☹.☹

© Copyright 2014 HarrehXOXOStyles. All rights reserved


29. Author note






Hello lovelies 😊 it's been a few months since I've updated to this story or any of my stories of that matter. I took a break from updating and I been just reading on here for the last few months. I'm back now 👏🏻 I'm excited that it's the summer again so that means that I'll get to update more! I changed the days for updating this story. It'll be Tuesday & Saturday's. Also thanks for 12.3k reads 🎉❤️

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