Only Lonely


1. Only Lonely

Have you ever felt so lonely
Like there's no one who cares?
The whole world of people surrounds you,
But you feel you have no one.
You are kind to others,
But they don't return the favor.
You wonder if there's something wrong with you...
And if you'll ever belong.
You try to stay positive,
And force yourself to smile;
But sometimes you just want to break down and cry.
You want the tears to flow-
To release the pain,
But they never come.
And as you sit there and think
Transfixed in saddened thought-
You wonder
"Am I even good at anything?"
You think of all the things you're bad at,
And the things you've done wrong.
You know there's no reason to think like that,
But you do anyway,
And the hurt doesn't ever seem to go away.

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