A strange thing called love a short story

Lily Is a fairy. She has not a care in the world until Jason shows up. For her it's love at fist sight but there's a problem... Fairy's cant love humans. Will lily give up her life for this boy?


2. The most important rule

  I was all by myself. just on the edge of your world and mine. All that separates us is a creek. A magic  creek. My mother made it. To protect me and the rest of the fae. I was just looking at the meadow on  the other side of the creek. And a boy appears. He's a beautiful boy. He looks about my age, 18, and I feel something strange. My heart rate speeds up. My site blurs. I try to flutter across the border. "Just let me cross...." I whisper. But i can't. It won't let me. But then she appers.

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