A strange thing called love a short story

Lily Is a fairy. She has not a care in the world until Jason shows up. For her it's love at fist sight but there's a problem... Fairy's cant love humans. Will lily give up her life for this boy?


4. My mother and the fight

  I met up with my mother at the edge of the forest. "Lily what were you doing?" She asked impatiently. "Um...." She tapped her foot. "Um? Um what?" "I was looking through the barrier." I said hanging my head. Here comes the anger. "LILY! What have I told you about going to the barrier!? A human could have seen you! They could have scooped you up and ate you!" My mom kept rambling on about what a human could do to me. "Mom I..." She glared at me. "Go home Lily. And stay there." I flew home. And I began to cry. Maybe I shouldn't love him. But I do and I can't stop it now. It's too late.

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