A strange thing called love a short story

Lily Is a fairy. She has not a care in the world until Jason shows up. For her it's love at fist sight but there's a problem... Fairy's cant love humans. Will lily give up her life for this boy?


3. Her

  I'd seen her before. She was tall, skinny, and all dressed in black. But I wasn't aloud to talk to Kiara. She was a dark fairy and my mother was planning on banishing her. I looked at her. "Hello little one. Would you like to go across the barrier?" I nodded, completely entranced by her beauty. "Well, it comes at a price.... But would you rather be human sized rather than two inches tall?" I nodded virously. Then I saw him leave. I shook my head sadly. "Dearie, don't worry, he will be back tomorrow. I promise." I looked up brightly. "Thank you miss Kiara!" I hugged her tightly and I felt her body tense up. "Lily!" I heard my mother call. "I must go. Good day miss Kiara." And I flew away.

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