Knocking In Heaven's Door

Louis' sixteen year old cousin, Anna, is forced to move in with him and the boys after her parents die in a terrible car accident. Soon after she moves in, weird things begin to happen to her and she realises that her life might be at its end, and she soon might be Knocking At Heaven's Door.


3. The Night Of The Accident

The night of the accident

Anna sat in the living room leaning over onto her best friend Della. "This movie is so sad!" Della sobbed. The mother in the movie broke down in tears as she found out her son had been stuck by lighting and killed. The mom cried and cried and cried, constantly calling her sons phone just to hear his voicemail.

"Hey, you've got Carter, sorry I didn't answer the phone. Okay, who am I kidding, no I'm not. And this is mom, I love you." The voice said repeatedly. Della and Anna hugged each other as they sobbed.

It was midnight, her parents were supposed to be home at ten, and this worried Anna, but she figured that they had gotten a hotel room for the night and forgot about her. She figured that they couldn't wait to do the 'deed'.

Anna had always wondered what the 'deed' would be like. She's wondered since she first learned about it at the age of nine. She understood how it worked, and what to do, but she wanted to know how she'd feel and if it'd painful or not when she did the 'deed'.

As her and Della sobbed together, her phone was ringing out of control, with a much better reason to be sobbing.


After the movie ended the girls headed upstairs in a heaping mess. They were sobbing and their hair was everywhere and their makeup was smudged.

The first thing Anna did was check her phone. She saw thirteen missed calls from the same number, which she wasn't familiar with.

"Della, do you know this number?" Anna asked. She passed Della the phone. Della studied the number, thinking, this looks familiar.

"Umm, no." Della replied. Anna nodded, taking the phone back from Della.

"I'm gonna call it real quick, you can go ahead and get ready for bed." Anna said. Della yawned and nodded.

Anna quickly called the number back and held it to her as she walked out onto the balcony. The second the phone answered, she knew something was off. She could tell by the sounds of the back ground.

She listened carefully as they spoke. "Honey, your parents are gone. They got hit." That was all she could process.

She hung up, stunned was all she felt. She walked inside with wide eyes. "Bae, you okay?" Della asked. The two had known each other since they were eight. They knew when something was wrong, and they were close enough to call each other 'babe' without it being weird.

"My parents are dead." She said, her voice deadpan. She let it swirl in her mouth, tasting it, seeing how it felt. Della's jaw dropped.

"Oh, my God." She said. Tears came to her eyes. Anna's parents were Della's second parents.

Anna realised what she had just told her best friend. The tears started rushing down her face. "They're dead." She sobbed. She suddenly screamed, pulling at her hair. Della jumped back in fright.

"Anna," She said, coming forward. "Come on. We can go to my house and talk to my parents." Della said. Anna shook her head.

"Can you leave? I wanna be alone." She sobbed.

"No. I am not leaving you alone. I know how you are." Della said sternly.

Anna scratched at her wrist, drawing a small amount to blood.

"You promised Louis!" Della screamed. Anna stopped.

"Okay." She whispered with a nod. The two continued to cry, hugging each other, saying multiple prayers together.

"It's going to be okay." Della whispered. Anna nodded.

"I trust you." Anna whispered, hugging Della tighter.

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