Something Great

Redgy and Lula fall in love as animals but will that lead to real love?
*read to find out* One direction fanfic❤️


1. Hello❤️

Hi my name is Spencer Parks, I am Twenty years old. I have brown hair witch is naturally wavy with green eyes I would say I am quite tanned. I live in Wolverhampton with my three best friends, I wouldn't say were crazy but I wouldn't say we are normal?

I would say music is my escape my parents are divorced my Dad took custody of me it happened when I was six I was devastated when it happened I used to live in Australia but moved because my mom wanted us gone.

I have never seen her since and I don't intend to nether. Well enough about me, my friend May is beautiful she has sparkling brown eyes with dyed red hair she has dimples that are quite deep and she is loud and bubbly. She is a stunner!

Next is my friend Laci she is also beautiful she has blue eyes with a hint of grey she has natural dark hair but has got it dip dyed perfect. She is also loud and bubbly also is in live with food.😉

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