Something Great

Redgy and Lula fall in love as animals but will that lead to real love?
*read to find out* One direction fanfic❤️


2. getting ready to go on hols😁

As I got into my fiat 500 i turned in the radio and listened in before I set off. I was already dressed in a white sleeveless crop top with grey joggers rolled up at the bottem with my white nike airs I had my hair in a messy bun I had a face full of makeup I was ready to go to florida my dream holiday obviously I was going with my girls which I am exited about it's just I think something special is going to happen and I don't know what?

I shouted of the girls we all jumped in my car bags packed and ready to go.As we got to the airport there was a lot of people screaming and shouting we just ignored it and pushed our way through I examined my girls May was wearing black leggings with a grey crop top with t shirt sleeves with her hair in a ponytail with her jack wills hoodie that she lived in. Laci was wearing also black leggins with a plane white tee shirt with uggs. As we got though the boring stuff we headed for the plane I was getting overalls exited then it bumped into something or someone and fell to the ground as my head pounded off the floor I saw May running towards me shouting my name as the room went black...

Harry's POV: I was trying to hide from the fans I went go to the Loo the lads were on the plane but I was desperate.

I was walking back and daydreaming about our tour also hiding from the fans I bumped into someone as they fell to the ground I stood in shock what just happened what have i done.

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